Hidden and Overlooked Costs of Moving Overseas

Relocations always turn out to be more expensive than you might think. Even when you know what your basic costs are, something unforeseen always comes up. And this is especially related to the costs of moving overseas, simply because with the large distance and more countries involved, there’s a higher chance to encounter hidden and overlooked costs. This is something you can’t avoid and you need to be prepared for it when you’re in the process of relocation to Saudi Arabia. In this article, we’ll show you some costs you might not have in mind from the very beginning that will help you prepare your budget for the move.

Shipping insurance and shipping costs

You can accurately predict and prepare for these costs. However, many people forget about them since they are focused on other costs they’re facing every day, like gathering packing supplies, hiring movers, dealing with bills, etc. Don’t let this happen to you. If your relocation requires a shipping container from Canada to Saudi Arabia, look up these costs on time to avoid headaches down the line.

the airview of shipping containers
Shipping is probably going to be one of your biggest costs of moving overseas.

Taxes are usually the most unforeseen costs of moving overseas

While the expenses that come from hiring packers and movers in Saudi Arabia are easy to find, that’s not the case with taxes. This especially goes for relocations that involve more than one country. Finding out everything that you’re going to be charged with requires digging a little deeper. But don’t worry, with some good research, you’ll find almost every tax coming your way.

The costs of unpacking

Another cost that people easily forget about, because they’re busy planning a move, is unpacking. Your new home will need some new appliances, new decor, maybe even repainting. Even if the companies that provide relocation services Saudi Arabia are moving most of your old furniture to your new place, there will be some expenses. Although all of this comes after you move, you should keep it in mind nevertheless.

a woman thinking about the costs of moving overseas
Unpacking will bring some new overlooked costs, so prepare for it on time.

There are many minor costs of settling in when moving overseas

Here we have a lot of smaller costs. They may seem insignificant when you separate them from the others. However, when they accumulate, the total number can be quite big. You already have enough on your plate with worrying about moving your belongings overseas, so the last thing you’d want is to spend a lot of money you weren’t prepared to spend. So, pay attention to some of these costs in the list below, since they are inevitably coming your way, and prepare for them accordingly.

  1. Fees for terminating the old accounts
  2. Opening new bank accounts
  3. Setting up utilities after you move
  4. Purchasing a new phone number
  5. Registration of your vehicle along with the costs of obtaining your driver’s license
  6. Insurances

Final thoughts

These were some of the most notable hidden costs of moving overseas. There might be some more, but it won’t be anything major. Unfortunately, relocations are expensive and you need to prepare for them. We wish you a safe trip and hopefully, these expenses won’t have a severe impact on your budget.

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