The risks of hiring uncertified moving companies

Moving can be tedious, stressful, exciting, exhausting, fun, hectic, all in one. And also, there a lot of things to do before and after moving. Transferring documents, searching for a new home, packing, unpacking, and choosing the best moving company in Saudi Arabia. Finding a reliable company is a bit hard because it requires a lot of researching. Hiring uncertified moving companies brings a lot of risks. It does not necessarily mean you will be scammed, but it will give you a lot of worries, especially if it is a long distance move.

It does not matter if you are moving overseas or locally; hiring a licensed mover has many advantages. Now it is not a time to take any risks, including hiring a bad moving company. You should know all the facts before moving and what risks it has.

A moving note.
It is time to move. Be prepared and organized; it is the first advice you should take.

What are the risks of choosing uncertified moving companies?

Many people hired an unlicensed moving company, and it turns out to be an excellent service. But, they had a lot of luck, and yet there are still risks. It is possible to have a great move with these movers, but it is a significant risk. Maybe you won’t be that lucky, and if you want to be safe and to avoid moving scams, we highly recommend you to check the company and not to take any risk, because you have a lot to lose (all your household items and money).

If you were wondering what are the risks of hiring moving companies without a license, and what could happen, to know, a lot of things.

  • Paying more for the same service.
  • Household items can be missing.
  • If they are not missing, they can be damaged or broken.
  • They cannot arrive on time, or arrive at all. 
  • Insurance won’t cover damages when hiring uninsured and uncertified moving companies.

It is easy nowadays to check the company. Not only a moving company but also any other. When choosing relocation services Saudi Arabia make sure you check every detail and to read moving reviews. Browsing and googling are one of the ways to know if the company is certified and reliable.

Word games.
Taking a risk with hiring uncertified moving companies is not a good option because you can lose a lot, together with your nerves.

How to choose and hire a certified mover?

Now when you know all the risks and possible scenarios, you want to know how to hire certified movers and to be safe. After finding a couple of companies, check each company. When you know how to recognize avoid red flags when moving, your relocation will be smooth and stressless. What to check and on what to pay attention to choose the best, reliable, and certified mover? We know, so follow these steps below.

Check the insurance

To understand how much coverage is essential, only imagine that someone gets hurt during the moving process and the company is uninsured. If the company is not licensed and insured, it is a big problem for you and your items. That must be a task number one to check when hiring a moving company. Injuries can be severe, unfortunately. That will give you additional stress; you do not need right now. If you need to ship items, make sure the insurance will cover any damage. So, when choosing freight forwarding companies in Saudi Arabia, open your eyes and move and ship your items safe. Better be safe than sorry.

A moving insurance.
A moving company must have a license and insurance. These two items are the most important.

Price of their service and deposit

If the company ask for a large deposit, it is one of the red flags. Also, the higher price does not mean better service.  Most people want to save money when moving, but on the other hand, you should not pick the cheaper company you can find. A golden middle is perfect. Uncertified movers are usually less expensive than certified, and that is how they attract clients. They know how important it is to save money and to cut moving costs. If something is too good to be true, then it is probably not true, unfortunately.

Calculating costs when hiring uncertified moving companies
You will not save money if you hire uncertified moving companies for your relocation. If something goes wrong, you will pay a lot more.

Read online reviews

Read online moving reviews but recognize the fake ones. A good company will have good and bad reviews; it is normal. Search for other people experience and how they are satisfied with a company. Even if the company is licensed, the service can be harmful. So make sure you have both, a licensed mover with excellent service. Having both is possible. If the company is a long period in the business, there are more chances that they are licensed.

Five star rate for moving companies.
Reading online moving reviews is not a waste of time. Search their rates and comments from the past clients.

Beware because uncertified moving companies bring a lot of risks. Moving is already stressful enough; do not make it harder. If you hear from someone that there was no problem with hiring a moving company without a license, you should know that they were lucky. When you have a lot to lose, taking a risk is not funny and smart. If you want to save money, do not hire uncertified moves, there are many different ways to cut moving costs. You may pack your boxes by yourself, find free moving boxes, etc. But, hiring a company without license and insurance is not one of the options, for sure especially when you can find affordable and certified movers.

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