How is oversized cargo transported

Oversized cargo transportation is something that shipping and logistics companies do every day. Even though it is difficult to transport from point A to point B, these are skilled professionals. Because of that, they will transport it in the safest way possible. This type of cargo often causes trouble and companies charge additional fees for it. Because of that, it often causes worries for the companies that ship the goods. This article will explain how is oversized cargo transported.

How to determine if the cargo is oversized?

Oversized cargo has a different definition depending on the type of freight forwarder in Saudi Arabia you are using. The parameters that determine it are the width and length. Because of that, for road transportation, if you have cargo that is more than 8.5 in width and 14.5 in length, it is considered oversized. But for ocean shipping, everything that doesn’t fit a 40′ or 45′ container is oversized. The weight of the cargo doesn’t have strict parameters though. But there are certain restrictions to how much a piece of equipment can weigh. Countries also often have their weight limits.

Picture of international container terminal
Oversized cargo has a different definition depending on some factors

How is oversized cargo transported?

Every day, transport companies in Riyadh handle hundreds of oversized shipments. But exactly how is oversized cargo transported? How do huge vehicles like buses for example get from one continent to the other? Companies use specialized vessels and equipment to move oversized goods anywhere where there is an available port. Some of the specialized equipment they use are:

  • Flat racks
  • Roll carriers
  • MAFI trailer
  • Load-on Lift-off

Flat racks

Flat racks are a tool that logistics companies in Saudi Arabia use to load cargo on a vessel. It is a flat surface without any walls perfect for goods that are bigger than the conventional container sizes. The flat rack allows flexibility for transporting this type of cargo. They are also convenient because people can drive them onto the vessel.

Roll carriers

These carriers are often the best option to handle large cargo. They are especially popular when it comes to transporting large automobiles like dump trucks and buses. This is the case because they offer easy access, unlike the other options. The workers drive the roll carriers into the hull of the vessel. Then they secure them for the transport ahead.

MAFI Trailer

Items that workers cannot drive, they load onto roll carriers with the help of MAFI Trailers. This is a rolling platform that a tractor can tow or push. Companies use it for its quick way of maneuvering.

Load-on Lift-off

Some cargo is too large to fit on any of the previous specialized equipment. Or they are just too costly to accommodate on them. But that doesn’t mean that there is no way to transport them. This is the situation where companies usually use the LOLO method. These are ships that have onboard cranes on them. Workers use these cranes to lift the cargo and load it onto the vessel.

Pile of containers
The LOLO method is the only way to transport some cargo

How is oversized cargo transported – conclusion

The cargo that is considered oversized today, might be considered normal or small in 20 years. Container sizes have changed drastically in the past. And they probably will in the future. How is oversized cargo transported will probably also change. Everything is changing, and we have to adapt to it.

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