How Long Does It Take To Pack For an International Move

Moving can cause a lot of stress. And it isn’t easy to figure out just how much time you’ll actually need to pack for a move. No one can give you an answer on how long does it take to do this and how much effort you will need to get ready for moving day, but the information below should give you an idea. The more time you spend planning for your move ahead of time, the less stressed you’ll be when it’s actually time to pack your stuff. Packers and Movers in Saudi Arabia are the way to go if you want to avoid unnecessary stress and possible argument with your family. Remember that moving can be a complicated task if you don’t know what are you doing. Prepare and learn about moving.

Your home’s size

You can plan on spending one day packing for every room of your home. For some rooms, you will need more time, for some less. It all depends on the size and stuff. The 1,200-square-foot home will usually require less time to pack than a three-bedroom, 2000-square-foot home. If you are doing this for the first time, maybe a good solution is to take 2 more days extra. Just to be sure and don’t get into a panic because you didn’t get to finish everything on time. Relocation to Saudi Arabia can be a challenge, so prepare yourself. You will enjoy it here, just try to stress as less as possible.

A living room
The size of a house determines the time for packing

Stuff that you are bringing

The more stuff you have, the more time it is going to take to pack everything. That is a fact. But if you don’t know how to pack, there could be some issues. Then you will spend a lot of time packing a small pile of stuff. You may only need an hour for a nearly empty guest room, but the garage—with its cabinets, drawers, and shelves—could alone take several days. But if you get rid of necessary stuff that you keep and don’t use, you can make packing faster. And you can earn money, you can sell a lot of stuff that you don’t need. For example, old records from the ’60s or ’70s. People buy them and collect them! International movers Jeddah can organize packing and moving for you if you are not ready to do all this.

How organized you are

Some people are more organized than others! Some are irresponsible and not capable to organize anything. For packing and moving, you need to be organized and ready. Where are you going to start? What things are you going to pack first? The best way is to go threw your stuff and make a list of what are you going to throw away. When you do that, start with the small stuff, then finish with the big stuff like bed and wardrobe. Relocation services in Saudi Arabia can help you organize packing by selling or renting your packing solutions.

A yard sale
You can sell your things in a yard sale

Help from others can determine how long it take to pack

Your family and friends could be a big help or they can even make things worse. You need to organize them so they know what they are doing and what they need to pack. Depending on your kids’ ages, they can contribute, too. Older kids can almost entirely pack their rooms themselves. Just motivate them to do things in the right way. Be lieder for your kids!

Don’t empty desk and dresser drawers

If you don’t want to lose time leave drawers with the things inside. But, you need to protect the drawer and the things that are inside. A simple packing paper or a bubble Cushing can be a big help. When you unpack, you just put the drawer where it belongs. It saves time and energy!

Packing supplies

How can packing supplies speed up the time? If you have the right materials for every item, you will do everything much faster. If you don’t have the right material, how will you pack breakable things? Here are the materials you can use:

  • Boxes – They can be plastic or cardboard. Cardboard boxes can be found in electronic stores for free. They have them a lot and they throw them away.
  • Packing paper – You’re going to want packing paper for wrapping fragile or sharp items in, as well as to provide cushioning and stability in boxes.
  • Plastic wrap – You should have one roll of sturdy plastic wrap that you can use to wrap around certain items.
  • Bubble Cushioning – Use this to wrap up fragile items that are made of glass, ceramic, and porcelain.
  • Plastic baggies – They are excellent for screws.
  • Labels and/or markers – You need them for labeling your boxes
A woman wrapping books into a packing paper
Use packing supplies to protect your stuff

How Long Does it Take to Pack an Entire House?

First, you need to make a checklist. From the experience of people, packing in one day is far from possible. Here are some statistics:

  • Apartment – Number of boxes (30-40) and it can be done in 24 hours or less.
  • Town House – Boxes (50-75) and you can pack that from 25-37 hours.
  • Single Family Home – You will probably need somewhere between (100-150) boxes and it will take up to 75hours.

As you can see, this is a process! It is not easy to predict how long it will take for packing. Be sure that you have enough time so you don’t get into panic mode.

Prepare everything on time

It is not easy to pack at all. You need to do two things before packing. Get packing supplies and learn about packing and moving. The best solution will be to hire movers to do everything for you. But, if you want to do it on your own, you should learn first about moving! Throw away or sell all your unnecessary stuff. We tend to keep a lot of unnecessary stuff that we don’t use. If we pack them, we will spend a lot of time packing what we don’t need and it will cost us more money. The question of how long it takes to pack for a move doesn’t have a definitive answer. It depends on a lot of things. And every family is different. But, packing in one day is never an option. Give yourself time!

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