How many pallets are considered LTL

So you are wondering how many pallets are considered LTL. LTL freight will usually take less than 12 linear feet of the trailer. This means that anywhere between 1 and 6 pallets are less than truckload. However, the weight of the shipment is also important. If you are thinking about lowering your shipping expenses, take a look at this article and find out what is LTL and how you can use it to your advantage.

How many pallets are considered LTL is important when you are sharing space with other companies

If you are sending LTL shipment that means your cargo will be sharing space with multiple shipments from other customers. So your cargo is not going to be alone in the truck. This is a good way to lower your shipping costs. However, this means that your cargo will have to make multiple stops after customs clearing agents in Bahrain let it through the border.  And before it reaches its destination.

Forklift loading a truck
How many pallets are considered LTL is important when you are sharing space with others

If your pallets are traveling as LTL they will need more time to arrive

Of course, this does not always have to be the case. As your shipment might be the first in line for the unloading. But you cannot rely on this. Therefore, if you decided to ship your load as LTL, count that it will take more time to arrive. And inform your customers about it.

Your items are in greater danger if they are traveling with mixed cargo

If you are sending your load as LTL, time is not going to be your only concern.  Other items from different import export companies in Saudi Arabia will also be in the truck. And they can be a threat to your shipment. Not only during transport. But also during unloading and moving around the truck. That is when the question of how many skids are LTL becomes important.

Secure your pallets if you are sharing space with other companies

When you decide to share the truck space with other import-export companies, you need to make sure that your load is secured. This means hiring professional packaging companies In Saudi Arabia to secure your items.  If you want, you can handle packing on your own as well. However, when it comes to commercial products it is better to let a professional handle it. This means using pallets in good condition, quality cardboard boxes, stretch wrapping, buckle straps, and proper labeling.

Pallets with goods
Make sure that your pallets are ready to withstand the difficult transport

After you learn how many pallets are considered LTL, make sure that you hire a reliable logistics company

Because your cargo will be at greater risk when sharing transport, you need to make sure that you are working with the best logistics companies. A good logistics company will know how many pallets are considered LTL. Where to position your cargo. They will use appropriate equipment for transport and handling. And they will do it with care.

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