How port congestion affects customs clearance

Oversea shipping became an irreplaceable step for any business out there. If you are using ocean freight to Saudi Arabia you already know how important is to have your shipping dates and deliveries aligned and executed perfectly. But sometimes port congestion affects customs clearance and you end up with delays and all kinds of problems. So, let us explain why this is happening and how to improve the situation when it does. Let’s go.

Why is a port so important for the shipping business?

The port is a place where all shipments must go through. Of course, the ones that are shipped by the sea. But that is only the final destination before cargo reaches the customer. Before that, we have a whole network of businesses and associates working together to ensure those shipments are on time and safely delivered. Port is a place where the sea meets the land and it is strategically the best way to patch railroads, highways, and ports together. And at the same time, this means that all routes will be congested if the port is slowing everything down.

The port congestion affects customs clearance in many ways
If the port is often congested, maybe it is time to reroute your shipments.

But you must know that using the right relocation services Saudi Arabia or logistic companies can make a huge difference. Coordination and communication can yield better results. If you stick with the premium shipping company, they will work on your shipping and moving logistics much better and the outcome will be better as well.

The ways that port congestion affects customs clearance

There are hundreds of ways how the port congestion affects customs clearance but what is causing it is more important. Check out the common situations where the port is cluttered due to certain situations:

  • The port is booked over the capacity.
  • Old and rarely maintained equipment can slow down productivity.
  • Lack of manpower.
  • Low warehouse and yard space.
  • Laws and regulations.

Also, there are unique situations like strikes, riots, war, pandemics, or extremely bad weather. At the moment Covid-19 influences economy greatly and it is something that slows down shipments all over the globe. But any of the examples we mentioned is enough to congest the port and slow everything down completely.

How can this affect your business?

If port congestion affects customs clearance it will obviously affect your business as well. Your shipments will be held at customs, late for delivery, and sometimes even damaged or lost. As we mentioned before, the port is the main hub for overseas freights and if there is a hold-up, the whole chain will be stuck in the same sauce. So, you must be prepared for such situations and prepare your budget adequately.

frustrated woman looking at the laptop
The port congestion can slow down your business and cause a lot of stress. Do something about it.

Moreover, this won’t affect your business only but your personal affairs as well. For example, if you are moving overseas and you are shipping your belongings in a container, they might be late for days, weeks, or even months. It all depends on the severity of the situation on the port. But to be sure that you are at least using a good quality moving and shipping provider, we recommend checking Four Winds Saudi Arabia moving and shipping company. Here you’ll find everything needed for overseas relocation. Check them out and you will be most satisfied.

Port congestion affects customs clearance – How to avoid it?

To avoid having your shipment held at Bahrain customs clearance for months, you should do a bit of research. You must know how your shipping provider and the warehouse operations. If one of the stops is a port that is usually cluttered and congested, then you should think about using a different provider or rerouting your shipments. Although, keep in mind that this might cost a bit and it is time-sensitive. Therefore, follow trends, news, and obtain updates. Stay in touch with your service provider and make sure your shipments are booked, picked up, and released on time.

Now you know how the port congestion affects customs clearance. More importantly, you know how to deal with certain situations and possibly avoid them. Keep in mind that you can’t influence a force majeure and that some situations are simply out of your hands. For everything else, good logistics and clear communication can do the trick. Good luck.

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