How the Pros Pack Jewelry for Transport

Moving consists of packing your belongings. You need to pack towels, books, plates, kitchen appliances, clothes, etc. You will also need to pack our jewelry. Since jewelry is usually expensive and fragile, it has to be packed correctly. Moreover, packing it the right way will ensure it does not damage during the relocation. Therefore, one of the best shipping and logistics companies gives you a guide on how the pros pack jewelry for transport.

How the Pros Pack Jewelry for Transport

There are two ways to pack your jewelry. The first way is to use your jewelry box or the original jewelry boxes as packing supplies. If you opt for the jewelry box, your necklaces and bracelets might tangle. Also, untangling them can take some time. However, if you use a jewelry box, you can put everything together. That makes it easier to watch over your valuables. If you use the original boxes as packing supplies, try to put all boxes in one big box, bag, or purse. That way, you will not lose anything.

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Learning how the pros pack jewelry for transport is very important, especially if your jewelry is expensive.

If you want to use DIY packing supplies, the same way pros pack jewelry for transport, freight forwarding companies in Jeddah advise to use:

  • Paper rolls
  • Egg cartons
  • Pills containers

DIY ways for making packing supplies

Paper rolls are pretty effective when packing jewelry, especially for necklaces. You can put both ends through the paper roll and clip them together. That can prevent your necklaces from tangling. After that, you can wrap them in bubble wrap and put them in a box designated for jewelry. As for egg cartons, they are good if you have many rings. You can pack as many as 2o rings in one egg carton. After packing them, cargo companies in Jubail suggest wrapping them with bubble wrap and packing it with other jewelry.

Another tip is to use a pill organizer. It can be used for packing rings, bracelets, earrings, piercings, etc. It’s well organized, which means your jewelry will not tangle. Also, after packing everything, seal it shut with tape and wrap it with bubble wrap. Additional tips from cargo service in Saudi Arabia is to ensure your jewelry, especially if you plan on moving it by a moving company or if you plan on putting it in storage.

A girl using bubble wrap
If you have valuable jewelry, ensuring it during the move is a must.

Packing your jewelry- conclusion

To sum it up, the pros pack jewelry for transport by using original jewelry boxes or alternative packing supplies. You can use egg cartons, paper rolls, or pill organizers. After using either method, you have to wrap them with bubble wrap. That way, you are securing them and making sure nothing spills. You can put all your jewelry in one box, purse, or luggage. Do not forget to label it and keep it close to you. Moreover, if you have expensive jewelry, buying moving insurance will protect it or refund it if it gets lost.

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