How to compare local moving companies in Saudi Arabia

There are plenty of moving companies around us. But that doesn’t mean all of them are good. Actually, some are far better, some are scams and some are just not as experienced. In order to find the best among them we will need to compare local moving companies in Saudi Arabia. This is also important if you are shipping to Saudi Arabia or moving there.

Ask for recommendations about local moving companies in Saudi Arabia

The best way to start is to ask for recommendations from people in your surroundings that moved. This way you will hear about their experiences with said companies. You may even hear about some services like keeping your items in the warehouse Saudi Arabia movers offer. Knowing this will be a big help. Based on their experience you can determine what companies are worth it and which ones you need to avoid.

A woman packing plates for the move.
Talking to people that already moved will also give you information about the services provided by the company.

Online reviews

If you don’t know anyone that moved, you can direct your attention to the internet. There you can find more information on the companies in your surrounding. Just a quick search and you can read all of the comments and reviews left by their previous clients. But keep in mind that sometimes these comments can be manipulated, so take everything with a grain of salt. Do your best to avoid moving scams that may be online as well.

Documentation is important to compare local moving companies in Saudi Arabia

You can at any time ask your movers to provide documentation to verify their authenticity. There are many import export companies in Saudi Arabia, so leaving your things in their hands is a lot easier when they provide you with proof that they are legitimate. If you ask for it, all of them must show the paperwork to you.

A couple can compare local moving companies in Saudi Arabia by looking at paperwork they offer.
Look at the paperwork and with it you can compare local moving companies in Saudi Arabia!

Ask for multiple estimates

When you find a national shipping company of Saudi Arabia, that you like be ready to ask questions. Actually, the best way to compare local moving companies in Saudi Arabia is by their prices. So you can ask multiple companies for estimates(they are usually free). The way they act will tell you a lot. If they insist on giving you quotes over the phone without asking questions and coming in in person, that is a big red flag. At the same time by comparing prices you can see who is too cheap to be good, and who is ripping you off.

How does the company treat its employees?

Just by looking at the workers, you can see how professional the company is. If they can’t even treat their workers well, how do you expect them to street your items any better? At the same time, your items will be handled by those workers that are not happy to work there. So compare local moving companies in Saudi Arabia by how they look after their workers as well.

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