How to correctly complete a bill of lading?

If you need to correctly complete a bill of lading, you need to follow a guide. There are several essential parts that you need to include. Freight forwarding companies in Saudi Arabia know their jobs, and they professionally fill this form. However, there are a few parts that you need to include in this document.

  • The knowledge that the company has about received goods – cargo transportation in Saudi Arabia seriously do this job;
  • The obligation of both sides;
  • If you want to correctly complete the bill of lading, you should include the information about the protection of the company and client.
A ship
You should define all parts’ obligation when shipping

How to correctly complete a bill of lading?

There are a few pieces of information that relocation services in Saudi Arabia should include in your bill of lading and inform the client about shipping. The first that the bill of lading has to cover is transverse the title or legal ownership. Since it is not a contract, but more a receipt for a shipping company, you should include information about the side that is responsible. If something happens during transport, you should know which side is obligated to refund the money. The bill of lading also defines the delivering method, with the address and name of the recipient. Luckily, there are great forms that lead you through the process of filling out a bill of lading.

Essential parts that you should include to correctly complete a bill of lading

Every bill of lading consists of few parts. However, among the most important are names and addresses. Besides that, you need to provide information about the pier where the shipping package should come.

Standard information

You need to include in your bill of lading information about the shipper and consignee. On the other hand, sometimes the recipient and consignee are different. You should also add that information to your document. Do not forget if you have rented storage in Saudi Arabia, too.

Two person filling document
You always can hire professionals for help

Addresses and names

When shipping is about, you need to inform about the addresses and names of all sides. Also, you need to precisely name pier and the port where you will load the cargo. The document should include an address and phone number of the contact person.

Other information that you should include if you want to correctly complete a bill of lading

Besides standard information about the shipping package, address, and shipper, there are few more facts that your bill of lading must include. It usually means that you need to inform about the numbers.


There are a lot of names that your document should include. Starting from the number of shipment and export references. You should also put in the form number of carrier booking and contract number.

Shipping containers
Shipping includes a lot of paperwork and documentation

Do not forget other facts

Your goods have measures that could be important for shipping. Also, you should include weight so that the shipper could prepare the right equipment for it. Finally, if you want to correctly complete a bill of lading, put a description of cargo.

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