How to do a background check on an international moving company?

Choosing a trustworthy moving company is a top priority when you are planning to relocate. Not only is it important to keep your belongings safe but also to avoid scams and fraud. Luckily, there are some proven ways to avoid unpleasant situations like these. A simple background check on an international moving company is sometimes necessary. If you are looking for international moving logistics, Four Winds Saudi Arabia helps with any kind of international relocation. With a long time of experience and international expertise, our team ensures your relocation goes smoothly and without worry. 

Is doing a background check on an international moving company difficult?

Thinking about hiring a moving company is part of almost every moving preparation. During that time, we are tempted to wonder: how to know which company is reputable and which is not? What are the criteria on which to make that kind of decision? When looking for the best relocation services Saudi Arabia, always make sure that they can be found on internationally acclaimed companies’ websites.

a woman looking worried doing research on a laptop on background check on an international moving company
A background check on an international moving company doesn’t have to be an arduous job – all it takes is a few steps.

Some of these moving companies have memberships with worldwide organizations (for example, Four Winds Saudi Arabia and IATA). You can find others on the sites of registered moving companies. This is going to be the first step of every background check on an international moving company.

Check for official recognition

Every legitimate moving company should be registered. That being said, you can find the official information fairly easily. It is more difficult to know what to look for. If you are on the lookout for relocation to Saudi Arabia, you need to find out if they are affiliated with some of these companies:

  • FIATA (International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations)
  • IATA (The International Air Transport Association)
  • OMNI (Overseas Movers Network International)
  • FIDI (Fédération Internationale des Déménageurs Internationaux)
  • RIM (Registered International Mover Certification), etc.

There are of course several other websites where you can check for reputability. The most important thing is to keep looking. Try to find evidence that the company is legal as soon as possible. This will help kickstart your search for a good moving company.

two hands exchanging a credit card
Always check the reliability of the moving company before signing anything or making payments.

Try to keep it personal when doing a background check on an international moving company

By all means, contact the moving company by phone or arrange a meeting. You can even arrange a meeting via online programs if you are too far away. This way, you can ask whatever questions you have and see what the interaction looks like. Trusted and reputable international movers in Riyadh for example will be happy to answer any question. They will also make sure not to pressure you into signing anything if you feel unsure or uncomfortable. Also, if you ask for legal proof, they will provide it gladly. You can even look at the paperwork and make another call later in some instances.

However, sometimes this is not enough. There are too many skilled scammers and talking to them may only confuse you more. It is also possible that they have false documentation at hand. So, this step is important, but it isn’t enough. Keep this in mind: if a moving company can be trusted, they will let you take your time and provide evidence of being internationally recognized.

Ask a third party for recommendations

The other way you can do a background check on an international moving company is by talking to some of their clients. Ideally, you already know people who have experience with a moving company. This is the best possible type of recommendation. In other cases, closer contacts with former clients are harder to find. You can reach out to recommendations on the company’s website. Usually, the registered moving companies have a column with written experiences on them. Use this list or perhaps an online forum for an honest exchange of thoughts. Keep in mind however that people aren’t always honest. Take every interaction into further consideration. It is best if you can find multiple sources for relevant information.

Use the internet to your benefit

Doing a thorough browse of the company website can uncover a lot. For instance, there are some things that most moving companies have displayed. This includes their recommendations, lists of affiliations and memberships, coworkers and sometimes sponsors, etc. It also includes their history and the type of work they do. You can take a look at a few different moving companies and make a cross-examination. Compare them and see if something seems odd, or missing.

a woman talking on the phone and smiling in a room
Never be afraid to ask for help with doing a background check on an international moving company.

Think about asking for additional help

It is always easier to solve problems with the help of others. Ask a friend or a trusted close person for help or advice – perhaps they are more skilled in online research. Or, maybe they know someone else who moved to the country of your choice. Finally, you can always ask for the help of a freight forwarder. This will ensure you find the best moving company possible. However, make sure that the freight forwarder is also reliable. Recommendations are usually the best way to find them.

Never be shy about doing a background check on an international moving company

If you feel uncomfortable about checking for additional information on a moving company, know that it is expected. Especially during interviews or meetings, it can be unpleasant to ask directly for legal proof. Don’t let this take you back. Remember that you are planning to trust this company with your most personal belongings. Also, since it is an international relocation, there are even more risks connected to the moving process.

You deserve to be in trusted hands and a good moving company will understand this best. So never be afraid to dig deeper and do more background checks on an international moving company. This step is crucial to your safety and wellbeing. It will also save you from a lot of stress and sleepless nights later on. Therefore, take your time and do all of the steps above if you can. The more steps you take, the better and more reliable your result will be. Never rely only on one source and look both for legal proof as well as good recommendations. By doing so, you will certainly find a trustworthy international moving company.

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