How to handle last-minute changes?

Did you just find out that you have to relocate in the next two weeks or even sooner? In a perfect world, you’d have more than two months to prepare for an upcoming move. But since now you have to handle last-minute changes, you have to look into experienced and reputable moving companies in Jeddah and find the most reliable one. Lucky for you, we are here. We have the skills to move people quickly, safely and professionally. Whether it’s last-minute because you are transferring because of a new job offer, or you have a family emergency or you are in the military. This situation can be very difficult to manage, especially if you have kids or pets.

1. Breathe, relax, and create a plan!

In most scenarios, moving last-minute happens because you either didn’t get the notice that a move was going to happen, or you delayed the inevitable and time just vanished. Either way, moving in a week or less can get pretty overwhelming, so first try to take a deep breath. If you’re in this situation because of your procrastination, here’s how to handle last-minute changes: first of all, don’t beat yourself up mentally – life is messy, it happens. At the end of the day, you won’t have time to reflect on it. Just get to work and start planning.

Man looking at his plan on how to handle last-minute changes
The first thing you’re going to want to do is to create a plan.

The first thing you should do is call a moving company like us – Four Winds Saudi Arabia. There is no last-minute for us! Nothing is lost, we can always arrange the move together. Our moving company offers full-service relocations, where we provide you with everything you need. We can customize your relocation and handle all the last-minute changes you might need to make.

2. Purchase, rent or borrow enough supplies

Since time is tight in your case, it’s best not to have multiple trips back and forth to the store to purchase boxes and other packing materials. Make sure you do it in one go! If you need any help figuring out what you need, you can always call us for guidance. Being skillful movers, we can provide you with an accurate moving estimate of how much supplies you need. You should also think about your clothes and get a couple of wardrobe boxes. These practical boxes allow you to pack your clothes without having to pull them off their hangers and fold them. The rule of thumb here is to figure out how much you think you need, and then go and buy even more than that.

Moving trucks on the road
If you’re not going to be hiring a moving company, figure out how you intend to transport your items to your new home.

3. Don’t be shy – ask for help and handle last-minute changes like a pro

If you’re moving on short notice, there is no time to be shy about asking for some extra hands. Ask your family members, close friends, or neighbors to help you out with the packing and moving. Look for a warehouse for rent in Jeddah if you need storage. Also if you have nobody available at the moment, contact us and we can figure it out together. You can at least hire someone to come help you with loading up the moving truck.

4. If you need to handle last-minute changes smoothly, it’s ok to be a bit disorganized

The perfect move will consist of properly labeling boxes with similar belongings. Additionally, stack them neatly together. But let’s be realistic, in your current situation, it’s fine if you don’t organize as much. With the last-minute relocation, it’s completely acceptable to leave the organization out. Just do what you can to get all of your items from one place to another.

Throw your clothes in with your pillows and blankets. Mix up all your makeup with your socks. It doesn’t matter. It will all find its way to the moving boxes, and therefore, to your new home. Of course, you have to be sure you have securely wrapped up your fragile items. However, in the end, you may figure out you need professional assistance.

5. Last-minute packing tips

One of the most time-consuming chores is packing. In the case of short notice relocations, you need to be more decisive to quickly sort and pack. These tips will help you do it like an expert:

  • Firstly, you have to get rid of things you no longer need. The great thing about all last-minute moving projects is that you tend to be ruthless in how you sort and collect. Plus, the more things you get rid of, the fewer boxes you have to pack and move.
  • Secondly, you can do the packing by yourself or hire a packing professional service. Moving specialists are always ready to help. You should consider hiring professional packers to help you pack your entire house. This is a superior service that will save you a lot of time and stress. Professional packers will pack everything in a very short time. On the other hand, hiring pros can be expensive and therefore increase your moving budget. Although sometimes the cost is well worth it.
A clock drawn on a black board
There’s a lot to be distracted with when moving in a week or less.

Hiring professionals may be the best way to handle last-minute relocation changes

It can be very overwhelming trying to handle last-minute changes and conduct a speedy relocation. Packing can be one of the most nerve-wracking and tedious tasks. For easy, smooth, and speedy relocation, you should contact us because we’re a company that offers a full packing and moving service. We offer premier and complete services that include all the necessary packing materials and labor. All you have to do is sit back, relax while our moving experts do all the hard work!

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