How to involve your family in the packing process

The packing process was always the toughest part of each relocation. On top of it, you must organize the whole deal, find local movers Saudi Arabia, work on legalities, and set aside a moving budget. There is a lot to it so you’ll surely need some help. You should try to involve your family in the packing process if possible and cut this gruesome task in half. And we will help you with a few tactics on how to make the best approach. Let’s give it a shot.

Gather a family meeting

To involve your family in the packing process you should begin calling all your family members to a meeting. Bring out snacks, juice, coffee, and their favorite sweets. Make a cozy environment and bring this subject out to the table. Yes, you are all living in the same home but some of your senior or younger members would prefer to wiggle their way out of the packing process. You must explain to them how important their help is and what it means to you. Nudge them in the right direction and if necessary, promise a reward for a job well done. This tactic will work especially for kids and younger individuals.

Gather everyone and involve your family in the packing process
Gather everyone over the family dinner and explain the situation. Ask them if they want to help with the packing process.

So, schedule a family meeting and create a packing plan together. But if in the end, no one wants to participate, you can always call one of the packaging companies in Jeddah and seek their help. They will heed your call for sure.

Appoint tasks and involve your family in the packing process

Now, once you successfully assemble a packing team, you must appoint tasks among them. Spread them evenly according to their abilities, age, and schedules. They can at least pack their rooms and whoever has more time and will, can assist you all the way. A great help would be if someone can find all the packing materials and go to the store to pick them up. Or to check the local relocation services Saudi Arabia and order them from movers. Which is easier and more convenient.

Obtain necessary supplies and involve your family in the packing process

If you are the one who must obtain packing supplies, you should know which ones you must purchase. The basic ones are:

  • Cardboard boxes.
  • Packing tape.
  • Blister packs.
  • Labels.
cardboard boxes
The cardboard box is the main packing supply. Obtain enough of them and purchase only better-quality ones.

You’ll need a box cutter as well and a few black markers. Note that you can obtain all those materials at the nearest hardware store or order online. Or if you decide to skip the entire packing process, you can hire packers and movers in Saudi Arabia to pack you instead. They will bring all the materials and cover this task for you. All safely and affordably.

Ensure everyone covered their part and hit the road

Now when you managed to involve your family in the packing process, you should be done within a day. Or maybe over the weekend depending on the number of hands you have helping you. All that matters is to explain to everyone how to pack properly. So, take the cardboard box and use a blister pack as a cushion for the bottom of each box. Then, place items inside and use cardboard as a buffer between items. Close the box when it is full and apply tape. Label each box and use a marker to write the content of each box. Repeat the process until you are ready to go.

And that is it. Now you know how to involve your family in the packing process and teach them how to pack like pros. You are all in this together so it would come naturally to cover all tasks like one. And you sure will. Good luck.

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