How to Move Internationally With Pets

Having a pet makes our life super exciting and enjoyable! We get countless cuddles daily and a chance to share our space with those amazing creatures. Once we decide to make some big changes in our life, our pets surely must be included. Moving to a different country is a huge step and while you must prepare yourself, you will need to prepare your little friend too. Here is how to move internationally with pets and what to focus on!

How to move internationally with pets

As soon as you pick a destination you will have to start preparing for this big event. And while your focus will be on different things like packing and organizing everything, make sure to leave plenty of time for your pets. Movers in Jeddah can help you out with transportation and other things and you can focus on your friend! Here are the most important things:

bunny on the sofa
Before you move internationally with pets, you will have to gather some essential information!
  • Gather the paperwork 
  • Set the right date
  • Prepare your pet

Although these may seem like a pretty easy thing to do, each one is much more complex! If this is your first relocation you can make your own to-do list. Just follow the steps and make sure not to skip any. Your international movers Jeddah can provide more information but here are all the essential details.

Gather the paperwork

Every country has a different law, especially the one about importing pets. You will have to be extra careful and go through all the rules multiple times. If you want to move internationally with pets, the last thing you need is to have trouble with airport security. As soon as you choose relocation services Saudi Arabia, begin gathering documents for your pet. Some of them include passports, medical records, and documents required from your vet clinic! 

Set the right date

You should know that it takes much more time for some countries to approve your pets’ arrival. You should avoid arriving without them and coming later to pick them up as this may be extremely stressful for both of you. Make sure to set the date so that you may travel with your pet. You will both enjoy the entire process much better! Your main goal is achieving a fast and successful relocation for both you and your little friend. Even if it takes much longer than you thought, it is better than stressing them out!

brown dog in the box
Your main goal is making your pet comfortable during this relocation!

Prepare your pet

The most important thing is preparing your pet for this relocation. You may find a bunch of useful advice on moving blogs, but you are the one who knows your pet the best! Start by riding with them often and getting them used to rides. As the time goes by make those rides longer but make sure this transition is not fast. Our pets are fragile and all that relocation stress can affect them badly. Make their crate or cage comfortable and ask your vet to provide more guidance on how to move internationally with pets! 

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