How to organize an art exhibit relocation?

Art pieces are very important to us. And we are talking not only as movers intrusted with relocating them but also as human beings. Expect if you are not in a sham home of a spy, you are pressed to find an apartment or even a room anywhere on this earth without at least some form of art. Usually, it is a painting on the wall, protected by strong wooden frames and sometimes glass over it. Other times it is a simple poster, or a small sculpture or a collectible on our table. There are many such forms of art available all around the world in all cultures. And, since you are here you are probably wondering on exactly how to organize an art exhibit relocationso they can follow you wherever you may want to go.

We got you covered! Here we compiled all you possibly need to know about art exhibit relocation. This stands true in every case and size. Therefore, it matters not to us if you are thinking about moving an old vase when you relocate to and from Saudi Arabia, or you are planning on relocating an entire art gallery exhibit. Rules stand the same despite changes in sizes.

First, you should organize an art exhibit relocation – before it occurs

Before you prepare everything for air cargo Bahrain from wherever you currently are, you should take some steps of organizing what you have at hand first. You have to sort out through all the art pieces you intend to take and determine many things about them. Art literary has no form. Anything and everything can be art if created with that in mind which means that organizing an art exhibit relocation is quite hard to do when you only look at the general rules. With something that comes in oh-so-many shapes and sizes making some universal rules seems ridicules, be we made some things you should think about when trying to organize an art exhibit relocation. 

organize an art exhibit relocation
Make a checklist – always make a checklist when organizing anything…

So, now that you have your trusty checklist at the ready and labels prepared – what should you look after when organizing?

  • Size and shape. Admittedly, the first one is a little bit obvious. As we said, they do come in all shapes and sizes, but boxed do not, so you need to find the right packaging for anything. Picture frames are simple, for example. They will fit into cardboard boxes just fine. But your backyard dwarves? They are a little bit problematic to pack as they lack any corners.
  • Fragility. Staying on those dwarves- if they fall, they break. There is no saving them. A lot of art is really easy to break so when you organize an art exhibit relocation you have to make sure that the fragility of artwork is paramount. There can be nothing lacking in this regards.
  • Weight. For rather obvious reasons, you need to know the weight in order to remain how it is moved. Cast iron statue will cause a lot more problems and a bigger moving quote than table miniature of Batman

With all of these things considered and properly categorized, you can now move towards the second phase.

Proper packaging for art pieces

When packing it is important to make sure it is safe from all of its “enemies”. First and foremost, you make sure it will get cleared for anywhere it travels, for example, Bahrain customs clearance. Furthermore, you have to make sure that everything is dry as to avoid moisture and even mold, great enemies of art pieces of almost any form.

Proper packaging for art pieces
Frames are around it when it is in place, but what should be around your art piece when it is relocated?

And finally, as often they are fragile when trying to pack for a move, art should be packed in boxes not too big or small and with lot padding material. There must be no room for it wiggle around on the road and no additional pieces that could scratch or pierce in the box.

Possible help of professionals

If you find all of these requirements as too much, too demanding, there is no reason why you should not enlist professional help. Is there really much difference between hiring someone to do your cargo transportation Saudi Arabia and somebody else to move your art exhibits? No, there isn’t. In both cases, you trust workers of a certain professional and licensed the company to do their job you pay them for.

Possible help of professionals
Should you get help from a professional?

If you care about very expensive and complicated exhibits, pay someone else to move them. Not only will you save money that you would lose if the said possession was damaged, but you are also having some guarantees. Even if it gets damaged, there is someone to take responsibility.

Services of art relocation are usually additional services provided by a moving company. Therefore, they will have special responsibilities, liabilities, and rates. Be sure to inquire about them and always check to contract. Make sure someone guarantees for your artwork safety.

Handle with care

And speaking of safety, it doesn’t matter if you are moving it to a storage Saudi Arabia, in other words nearby, or half a world away. You should always, always, treat your artwork relocation with care.

Handle with care
How do you make sure your items are handled with care?

Art pieces possess intrinsic value. They require special attention on your part. You should absolutely never rush the move and never do it half-heartedly. One moment of loss of attention can leave a lot of broken glass/pottery and a sinking feeling in one’s chest.

Notes for the end

At the end of this guide on how to organize an art exhibit relocation, we want to give a few more words and a summary. First and foremost, don’t rush. Do every step slowly and methodically as possible. Any rush now might lead to a loss latter. There is no reason to hurry up just to end up with damaged goods. Furthermore, be sure that you are not biting more than you can chew. If you are moving a picture of two, sure, take DIY options, but as we have seen, if you are facing a bigger challenge… Well, then you should call the professionals – Four Winds Saudi Arabia. Money for them is money you save when compared to damages that unprofessional packing can bring upon your prized possessions. Art is worth the extra attention!

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