How to sanitize your items before moving overseas

If you are unfortunate enough to be moving during the coronavirus pandemic, one of the things that you will have to think about is sanitizing your items. According to the World Health Organization, coronavirus spreads through close contact between people. However, many types of research have proven that a virus can remain viral on different kinds of surfaces, as well. That is why you need to sanitize your items before moving overseas if you want to prevent the virus from spreading worldwide. If you are moving overseas, read the following guidelines and learn how to properly disinfect your items before Four Winds KSA comes to pick up your belongings.

Be responsible. Sanitize your items before moving overseas

Moving overseas is a complicated thing. However, with the recent outbreak of coronavirus, it has become even more complicated. Besides, dealing with complicated paperwork and procedures, hiring local movers Jeddah, packing, and lifting, you now also have to think about sanitization. Of course, many people practiced cleaning their items before moving. But, cleaning is not the same as disinfecting. When you are doing the regular cleaning, your goal is to remove the dirt and possible bad smells that are stuck to your items. When you are doing sanitation to prevent the virus from spreading you will need to use appropriate sanitizing products that are able to kill the virus and germs.

A planet earth wearing a mask
Sanitize your items before moving overseas to prevent the coronavirus spread

Why you need to sanitize your items before moving overseas

Disinfecting your items before moving overseas is an important step these days. As mentioned above, this virus can spread through contaminated surfaces as well as through close contact between humans. That is why your goal is to disinfect your packing materials as they enter your home, your items before packing, and all that together once you are done packing. By sanitizing packing moving boxes you are protecting yourself. On the other hand, by sanitizing your items as well as packages you are protecting your international movers Jeddah and every person that will be in contact with your cargo. This refers to, airport personnel, customs officers, or warehouse workers. Be responsible, contribute to prevention on coronavirus spread by cleaning and disinfecting your items thoroughly before the move.

Make sure that you prepare enough sanitizers before you start packing

If you are moving overseas during the coronavirus pandemic it is important to keep your stuff clean and disinfected. To do this you will need to prepare in advance. This means that you need to prepare sanitizing products before you start searching for moving boxes. Go to your local store and get suitable products that will help you in this mission. Before you do so, think about the size of your moving inventory and the number of boxes that you need to sanitize. Stores are one of the coronavirus spreading hotspots. Therefore, it is important to get enough products from the first try, so you do not have to go to the store again and expose yourself additionally. If you have to, make a list of the things you need before you get out of your home.

Disinfect your sanitizers as well

If you have prepared sanitizing products that you need it is time to think about the things that you will need to disinfect. Remember that you need to do this with every item that comes into your home. So your first task is to sanitize theses bottles that you just bought. Even though they are sanitizing products, their packages are not clean. Therefore, once you enter your home, take these items and wash them with hot water and soap.

Holding a sanitizing product
Disinfect your sanitizing products as well

Hiring packing services is currently not recommended

People are used to hiring packaging companies in Jeddah to do their packing. However,  one of the main guidelines for stopping the coronavirus spread is to have fewer contacts, a lot of people are deciding to the packing process on their own. If you are thinking the same, there are a few things that you need to think about if you want to keep yourself safe. As mentioned above, the important thing is to sanitize every item that comes into your home from the outside world. If you will be doing the packing, this means that you will need to acquire packing materials.

Sanitize your packing materials

Unfortunately, some researchers say that this virus can survive on cardboard and plastic surfaces for days.  Therefore, the first thing to think about is, sterilizing the boxes and wraps that you brought into your home. Use the appropriate sanitizer and wipe your boxes. If you bought a roll of bubble plastic, you can wipe it the way you bought it.  You do not have to unroll and wipe everything. If you have items that are difficult to sanitize, you can leave them on your terrace in the sun for a couple of days. UV rays are the best natural sanitizer. It just takes more time to work. But it is a good way to sanitize your things before moving overseas

Sanitize your items before you pack them

While your boxes are resting on the sun, you can start dealing with the items that you are planning to pack. Even though you are not in danger of catching the disease from these items, it is an important step in order to protect your movers. Be responsible and make sure that you wipe every item that you have before you pack it.

Using a sanitizing product
Sterilize your items before you pack them

Sanitize your packed boxes before moving overseas

Once you are done with packing you will need to do another round of sanitizing. This means wiping across your packed items once more. This will ensure that the packages are free of virus and prevent the disease from spreading worldwide.

Prepare for movers’ arrival

It is important to sanitize your items before moving overseas. However, you also need to disinfect your home. Wipe the floors and doorknobs. If you can, leave the doors open for your movers. This way they do not have to touch anything except your boxes. And, of course, do not forget to wear a face mask and latex gloves while they are in your home.

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