How zero emissions service helps the environment

There is a global effort to fight climate change and drive towards decarbonization. Shippers encourage continuous innovation and research as part of their commitment to doing their part. As a result of burning marine fuel, shipping emits tiny black particles called Black Carbon, which contributes to climate change. Ships burning heavy fuel oil produce the most black carbon particles. This is the reason why logistics companies in Middle East always look for ways to help the environment by using zero emissions service whenever possible.

Impacts on climate change

The global temperature increase will be kept below 2 degrees Celsius if other sectors of the economy reduce emissions. Global GHG emissions from shipping could reach 10% by 2050. Ships emit 21% of CO2-equivalent black carbon emissions, making it the second most significant driver of the climate impact of shipping after carbon dioxide. There is a need to regulate black carbon emissions when shipping. If you want to be a part of the change, you should use a cargo transport company that takes action to help the environment and fights climate change.

Air pollution caused by not using zero emissions service
Reducing the environmental impact of global shipping is the goal for every logistic company

Clean fuels and zero emission service

The most promising way to decarbonize this sector has long been to use green fuels made from renewable electricity, such as hydrogen and ammonia. E-fuels are more attractive to shippers than many other alternatives. The sustainability of e-fuels and the fact that their products deploy to meet the shipping industries is a growing need. Four Winds Saudi Arabia found alternatives like zero-carbon fuels that can be used:

  • synthetic fuels
  • biofuels as a zero emissions service
  • ammonia and hydrogen

Another way that zero-emissions service helps the environment is containers that use renewable energy. At exchange and loading stations, skippers can quickly exchange a depleted container for a full one. With their open-access networks, these stations can stabilize the electrical grid or meet temporary local demands for electricity. Containers like these offer users a future-proof solution.

Their future will also include working with hydrogen, for example. In addition to paying for renewable electricity consumed, the customer also pays rent. It also allows for a smooth transition to emission-free sailing by keeping operating costs competitive. Electric propulsion lines have to fit the ships, however.


In addition to reducing emissions, there are many economic benefits to doing so. There is no use of all sources in the shipping industry, like wind power. The energy produced without emitting greenhouse gases and reducing some types of air pollution from fossil fuels is called green energy. By replacing fossil fuels with more environmentally friendly alternatives, it is beneficial to the environment.

Container ship in clean environment
There are ways to keep our environment clean and safe for future generations like zero emissions service

Furthermore, green energy is often renewable and clean, which is good for air quality and human health. Make sure to check out logistics companies in Jeddah to see what sort of services they provide and how can you both help the environment. Zero emissions service will for sure become a part of the future, so why not start the change now.

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