Importing Documentation During The 2020 Covid Status

There are a lot of changes in importing documentation this year, mostly because of pandemic and changes in shipping. You should learn them if want to organize transportation during this period. Import-export companies in Saudi Arabia know it and do not have problems in the organization. However, you should prepare for changes in procedures due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Importing documentation have kept the same basic rules

Although there are a lot of important changes in documentation, most of the documents are the same. You should know that people who organize transportation know for it and apply for their new jobs. If you are not sure about any of these processes, you should ask professionals in logistic companies for advice.

A man with papers
It is very important to prepare the right documents for shipping during the pandemic.
  • You should inform you about customs clearance and documents that they demand during transportation – it is for sure that you will need to prepare more papers than usual;
  • Although importing documentation usually do not include information about your health, you should not skip that information, though;
  • If you need to transport good to another country, the best is to hire a professional national shipping company in Saudi Arabia which understand the procedure.

Most of the documents are the same

If you need to follow the legislation and collect the documents you should inform them about the documents that they currently use. For that reason, you should contact logistic services internationally and prepare the whole procedure. They will inform you on time about that process. Also, you should not forget about safety in other parts, like protection from injuries.


It is for sure that it is a time when clients will use warehouses more than usual. For that reason, international movers Jeddah make special documentation for clients. You should organize protection and make sure that you and your workers are well. There are new regulations about the disinfection of goods and storage, too.

Most of the papers and procedures are the same as before pandemic

Changes in importing documentation that you should be aware of

Although most of the things in the documentation are the same, there are important changes that you should be aware of. If you need to organize shipping during a pandemic, you must prepare all the following documentation and follow the procedures. They are mostly made to protect public health, but also to adapt to changes in transportation and increased needs for goods.

Only urgent situations

When the Covid-19 pandemic started, guidance for customs clearance has ordered that economic operators could only apply for urgent situations. It means that you will need to organize some jobs only if the situation allows.

Documents sign
You should not afraid of new procedure – it is not that complicated as you may think

No extends in warranty

Although this situation does not allow transporting in every situation, official documents do not allow extends in warranty. You should prepare documentation that follows that order. Also, it means that delaying is transportation will not change anything in this process.

Fast-entry for some goods

Some types of goods must not wait. Among them are medical goods. Importing documentation follows that rule and you should prepare it fast. However, companies have made standardized forms so you will not lose much time preparing.

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