Inland port trends in Saudi Arabia

With the urbanization growth, the need for efficient and effective transport networks also increases. The latest trend in transportation is not on the coast, not on the water but – inland. It seems like shipping has never been easier with the development of inland port trends in Saudi Arabia. The capability of cargo transporting between cities is crucial. As the demand for transport solutions increases, strong pressure to use sustainable means of transportation increases as well. This leads to the need for intermodal solutions. Shipping and relocation in Saudi Arabia are easier with shipping and logistics companies such as Four Winds Saudi Arabia!

Inland Ports are on the rise

Both globalization and urbanization have led to the rise of the world’s biggest fast-growing ports. What they have in common is the fact they are all mainly inland. The expansion of marine transportation and the lack of both road and warehouse infrastructure disabled many large ports to preserve the amount of cargo. Inland or “dry” ports represent the perfect solution to lessen the congestion at seaports as well as to avoid long cargo dwelling. Often referred to as intermodal facilities, inland ports are able to handle large volumes of cargo connecting rail and road networks. The increasing popularity of inland ports leads to the development of logistics infrastructure as well thus creating the opportunity for the spread of consumer markets.

Fast growing ports are mainly inlnad
Cargo container

Inland port as a distribution point from the sea to an inland destination

An inland port functions as a link between a seaport and an inland site. They are often referred to as intermodal facilities representing the connection of rail and road networks. The location of these facilities at a dry port lessens the congestion for storage and customs space at the seaport itself. An inland port can accelerate the cargo flow between transportation networks and ships. In this way, it can create a more central distribution point. Inland ports can improve the move of both import and export, avoiding the long-term processing and sorting of containers inland, away from crowded seaports.

Inland ports typically include:

  • Cargo transportation – Four Winds offers you the best cargo service in Saudi Arabia that fits your needs.
  • Intermodal transfer – transfer of containers between different means of transportation.
  • Customs clearance services – successful shipment depends on custom regulations.
  • Warehousing – facilities for storage and consolidation of goods.
  • Maintenance for road or rail cargo 

The future of Saudi Arabia’s ports and logistics industry seems to be quite bright due to its developed ports such as King Abdullah Port (KAP), Jeddah Islamic Port (JIP), Riyadh Dry Port (RDP), and many others.

Inland Port Trends in Saudi Arabia are on the rise
Fast growing ports are mainly inland

Saudi Arabia strives to grow its port network

Being the largest country in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia spans the majority of the Arabian Peninsula. It is the only country with the coastline alongside the Red sea. KSA has one of the world’s largest port infrastructures. One of the main goals of the national development strategy is to grow its network of ports in order to transform the Kingdom’s infrastructures and to facilitate shipping to Saudi Arabia. Also, the government has been insisting on the development of ports in order to better handle a large number of ultra-large container vessels (ULCVs). The opening of King Abdullah Port (KAP) has significantly contributed to Saudi Arabia’s cargo container handling capacities. Being one of the biggest private infrastructures in Saudi Arabia, King Abdullah Port has the capacity of 3m twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs). Meanwhile, Jeddah Islamic Port (JIP) is the largest container port.

Ultra-large containers at the port
Inland port trends in Saudi Arabia are on the rise

The first inland port in KSA

Saudi Arabia, being one of the world’s largest exporters, has the port infrastructure that’s the core of its national wealth.  It also has about 70% domestic import. The most important dry port in Saudi Arabia is Riyadh Dry Port located in the city of Riyadh. It is the only dry port in Saudi Arabia that handles the greatest import volume. The volume can go beyond 300,000 TEUs annually. The port is situated on Exit 16 in Al Malaz, next to the Riyadh train station. The port covers a vicinity of 918,639 m2 and accommodating six 6,480 m2 warehouses. The foremost convenient cargo transportation is between Dammam and Riyadh via Saudi Railways. It’s also one of the safest methods of transporting containers and it’s considered to be very effective in cost. The port was established in 1982

Inland port trends in Saudi Arabia made a huge impact on operational activities

Riyadh operations made a number of progressive trends in order to provide a smooth move of containers inside the port. Specifically, the whole space consists of various locations such as:

  • Storage
  • inspection
  • delivery

When it comes to locations, they contain different rows and columns with specific numbers. This way a container can be easily located by the specific numbers. RDP implemented wireless devices as well.  These devices consist of radio data terminals, vehicle terminals and mobile computers are connected to NAVIS terminal operating system. When you move the container, the system automatically records and updates the location. This way the system can trace the container at any time. Riyadh Dry Port first implemented this technology trend. Riyadh Dry Port works in two shifts with each shift having specific duties to perform. RDP is  the first and only port to have minimum cargo dwell.  It takes only 4-5 days to deliver the container after passing the customs.

Riyadh dry port provides one of the best custom clearance experiences with Four Winds Saudi Arabia

Being the largest dry port, Riyadh Dry Port is able to completely handle custom clearance regardless of the different procedures that are required. Riyadh custom clearance processes both your products and your belongings based on your needs. Four Winds Saudi Arabia offers a wide range of services that will help you with the handling of these procedures. Definitely, Riyadh Dry Port set a huge standard when it comes to the latest inland port trends in Saudi Arabia.

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