Intermodal logistics: What You Need to Know About Intermodal Peak Season

After the havoc-causing pandemic, shipping and logistics companies are still trying to recover. The lockdowns, one of the many side effects of the spreading virus, left scars on the worldwide economy. Even though there are luckily no more restrictions, the economy still suffers its consequences. The disruptions threw the logistics off balance and admit it or not, the whole world depends on shipping. Every day you come in contact with something that made its way to you via shipping. As such an important part of everyday life, you might start getting interested in how it works. For starters, we think that you should know about intermodal peak season.

What is peak season?

When you are searching for a freight forwarder in Saudi Arabia, you will likely hear the term peak season. Not knowing sufficiently about it can cost you extra, so you should first get to know about intermodal peak season. High season in many industries means a higher demand during a certain time. Retailers produce larger volumes of inventory, forcing shippers to keep up their pace. The high season for intermodal logistics has always been from June to December. Even though June may seem early, the majority of retailers rush to finish their arrangements before the 30 of June. This has been the standard practice before the pandemic, but of course, it has changed that also. Peak season is now during the whole year, thanks to the increase in online purchases.

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Intermodal logistics explained

Intermodal shipping is a method of cargo transportation that many transport companies in Riyadh use. With this method, there is no need for cargo to be moved from one container to another during its route. Since the majority of cargo usually travels using both trailers and ships, there needs to be a change of containers. With the intermodal containers, there is no need for this and it is:

  • More efficient
  • Faster
  • Lowering expenses

Things you should know about intermodal peak season

In an industry that’s as delicate as logistics, a little shift can cause disruptions. The peak season for intermodal shipping isn’t any different than it is for other methods that some logistics companies in Saudi Arabia use. The increased demand during the peak season will limit the number of available vessels. This will lead to higher prices for shipping, and higher prices for the final customers. In case the demand keeps growing, it will ultimately lead to shipping delays and long waiting times. Some things that you can do to prepare for peak season are:

  • Book well in advance – the uncertainty nowadays will make you want to avoid waiting until the last minute. Prices can increase by hundreds of dollars in one day.
  • Stay updated – as we have seen during the past few years, disruptions can happen at any moment. Always stay informed of what’s happening on the market.
  • Plan in extra time – give extra time for your shipment to arrive. This way even if minor delays happen, it won’t affect you much.
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There are many challenges during peak season

Conclusion on things to know about intermodal peak season

No matter what shipping method you use, you should be well informed about everything that can affect it. Right now, the effects of the pandemic on the economy should be your main focus. The economy will recover, but it will take time and adaptation. Now that you know about intermodal peak season, it will be easier to do so.

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