Items your international movers won’t move

Are you preparing for international relocation? This type of moving is unique because it lasts a bit longer, and you can’t relocate specific items. Accordingly, some things that are hazardous, perishable, or flammable your movers won’t relocate because they can endanger other belongings. Therefore think twice before you start packing. Namely, some items are evident, like food or jewelry. However, the prohibition of some things might surprise you. Be sure to know the list of those items before you are about to relocate! Keep in mind that your goal is to relocate in the most efficient way possible. Fortunately, you came to the right place! We will go through some of the most common items your international movers won’t move.

Items your international movers won’t move – Perishable foods

While you are relocating, there are certain items that can withstand this process. Moving perishable type of food can be a nightmare because they have a short expiring date. Unfortunately, these types of items your international movers won’t move. Be sure not to pack fresh foods like raw meat, fish, products made from milk, egg, etc. This type of food may endanger other belongings because they can rot or parish. Now you are thinking, what should I do with all that food?

Our advice is to eat leftovers from your fridge, or you can donate your food to a local food bank. However, some types of food are prohibited in countries like Bahrain. Contract logistics companies in Bahrain and inform yourself on prohibited items. In this way, you will not break any laws of this country.

Perishables items your international movers won't move
Perishable items your international movers won’t move because they can damage other belongings

Moving your family heirlooms questionable

Your movers won’t recommend you to move your family heirlooms oversee. Whether those items are expensive or they have sentimental value to your family, the majority of moving companies avoid to move them. That is because there is a risk of losing them. It is best to pack those items with you.  There is insurance that will cover the damage or loss of your items.  

However, insurance will only cover the item’s current market value, not the price that you paid for your valuables. Don’t expect much from movers’ liability coverage for these items. Some moving companies even won’t relocate family heirlooms because they want to avoid unpleasant situations. If you still want to move these types of items, contact freight forwarding companies in Saudi Arabia for details. They will assess if you can move your valuable items oversee.

Professional movers always recommend that you move your family heirlooms on your own from safety reasons

How hard is it to move your plants?

Moving the plants is very delicate if you’re moving to another country or across the sea. Also, there are rules for moving and packing your plants. The plants are on the list of items your international movers won’t move. Some countries won’t allow you to move specific types of plants because they can spread harmful diseases, insects or other pests.

Even if your plants have complied with the law of the country you are moving to, no one can guarantee to you that they will arrive at the desired location in perfect condition. Some plants require maintenance on a daily basis, and it is hard to relocate them. There are some specific packing materials that you can use to ensure that your plans will transfer in one piece. But still, have in mind that moving plans is a gamble.

Plants are among the items your international movers won't move
Some plants are now allowed to relocate to certain countries, be sure that your plants are not on that list

Scuba gear is dangerous to move!

The scuba gear is one of many items your international movers won’t move. The majority of moving companies won’t load scuba gear into their transport vehicle. You are most certainly asking why is this big problem? The answer lies in pressured oxygen that is composed of scuba tanks. Not to mention that the scuba tank contains other gas mixtures.

A scuba tank can explode and endanger everything nearby. This is why moving companies avoid the transportation of items like this. If something goes wrong, they will need to cover a lot of damage. Not to mention that they risk their life or life of others. Now, you have to find an alternative way to pack scuba gear correctly and avoid packing mistakes that can occur. Before packing empty scuba tanks thoroughly and scuba gear is ready for packing.

scuba diver
Scuba gear is dangerous to relocate, be sure to empty scuba tanks before your about to pack them

Hazardous materials and items your international movers won’t move

Hazardous materials that are prohibited when it comes to relocating them with other belongings. You can easily get rid of those items by recycling them. Things like motor oil, gas tanks, alcohol, pool chemicals, etc. are dangerous, and they are a potential threat to the environment. These items your international movers won’t move for sure. Therefore visit your local hazardous waste drop- off center and get rid of those items properly. Do not just throw those items in the garbage because they may be very toxic, explosive, and flammable. Some laws might punish you if you endanger the public with hazardous materials. Hence be sure to properly get rid of this type of material before the relocation.

List of items your international movers won’t move is vast. If you doubt that you have some specific item that is on this list, it is better to contact your moving company then to make a rush decision on your own. They will let you know about all the things that you can’t move and why. This way, you won’t make a mistake that could add extra cost to your relocation. We hope that this guide will be handy for you, and it will provide you with some useful pieces of advice.

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