Living in KSA 101

There are many and various reasons why people start to consider living in KSA 101. It might be work-related or due to cultural interests. Whatever your reason is, you didn’t make the wrong choice. Life in Saudi Arabia is definitely different than anywhere else. Unique lifestyle, a completely different and interesting language, warm weather. What more could you ask for? Your only worry might be how to move there. But, with international movers in Riyadh even that is easy! So hire those professionals and start packing, because soon enough you will be walking around the desert and exploring those amazing shopping malls!

What are the main reasons for Living in KSA 101?

Many people consider living in KSA 101 because of work and the job market. But it is not the only thing Saudi Arabia is offering you. There are other reasons to consider as well, such as:

  • Weather – Expect sunlight throughout all year. Forget about cold and boring winters and prepare your summer clothes! Isn’t this what paradise looks like?
  • Lifestyle – Interesting thing that the cost of living in KSA is low, but the standard is really high. You can adapt to any kind of lifestyle since there are many. It is all up to your preferences.
  • Travel – If you are someone who likes to travel, you couldn’t choose a better place! Dubai International Airport is the busiest one in the world. You will be connected with any country in the world easily!
  • Shopping – This is like a dream for a shopaholic! It is like a world full of different shopping malls! And still, new shopping malls are opening.
  • Food and drink – Here, you can only enjoy the high-quality dining experience with professional chefs from worldwide.
  • Culture – Saudis are the warmest and welcoming people. Their culture is unique and full of interesting facts and legends.
  • Earnings – The most common reason why people move there. Since salaries are tax-free, savings will go much faster and easier.
  • Career – Be prepared for your career to grow more here. 
Panoramic view of city buildings and skyscrapers somewhere in Saudi Arabia.
Living in KSA 101 is full of many various opportunities for you!

Whatever your reason is, this is the place for you. You can contact movers and packers Jeddah offers before your move for more information. Just so you can be prepared for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Requirements for living in KSA 101

Your main concern when moving to KSA will be your visa. In order to successfully move with a freight forwarder in Jeddah, you will need a visa. Find the nearest Saudi Embassy or Consulate and book an appointment. Ask for the paperwork and what kind of documents you will need in addition to apply for a visa. Remember, you want to start living in KSA 101 so don’t apply for a tourist visa. That one is only for a couple of months.

Meanwhile, you wait for your visa, start searching for local movers Saudi Arabia. This will keep your mind occupied so it won’t seem that you are waiting that long.

Red passport on the table with red airplane toy and blue hat.
Get all your documents updated before moving!

Start packing, it’s the time!

When the embassy confirms your visa, it is time! Start packing because soon enough you will be living in KSA 101. One small tip – read about expat life in Saudi Arabia before moving. This can and will help you a lot with adapting once you arrive.


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