Moving from KSA to Europe – documents and requirements

Europe is the second smallest continent, after Australia. It hosts 50 countries and 250 languages. With such diversity, it never fails to impress. Think arts and culture, and Europe comes to mind. In terms of administration, many countries are under the umbrella of the European Union. For the purposes of this text, we will assume that you plan to resettle in one of these EU countries. Expert movers in Jeddah are here to give you a wealth of information. Moving from KSA to Europe sounds like an exciting and promising opportunity. So, buckle up, and let us begin.

Moving from KSA to Europe; requirements and rules overview

If your objective is moving from KSA to Europe, you must obtain various documents and permits first. All Saudi and non-EU citizens need official documents proving the purpose of relocation. As a leader among logistics companies in Saudi Arabia we understand your needs. Be it with top-quality services or indispensable guidance, we are ready to help. So, your moving from KSA to Europe requires careful and timely planning. First, similar to the requirements of most countries, you need a visa. EU visas are classified into few categories. And the rules and requirements are markedly related to these. Further, we will review them. If you are relocating from KSA to Europe and reading this, so far you are on the right track.

passport cover
To resettle from KSA to Europe, you need a visa first.

Visa types for moving from KSA to Europe

To begin with, resettling from KSA to Europe could be a complex process. Thus, familiarize yourself with visa requirements and individual guidelines. Also, book your relocation services ahead of time. This is essential for success. Although there are many visa types, the following are the most frequent ones:

  • Investor or Business visa
  • Work visa
  • Student visa

If you understand the different requirements for each type, your moving from KSA to Europe will go much smoother.

Investor or Business program

If you are looking to expand your business from KSA to the EU, this is the right visa type for you. You need to possess suitable business capabilities, as well as financial means. Hence, you can invest to launch a new business or acquire a pre-existing one. Like so, you have a legal right to work in the company that you invest in, and therefore, a residency permit as well. If your business requires you to move goods, consider your freight forwarding strategy in advance. How you organize before relocating from KSA to Europe will determine your success in the future.

Laptop, planner and passport
Plan your business expansion and EU visa application in detail

Work visa program

To be qualified for this type of visa, you must obtain a job offer from an employer. A contract of employment is crucial for this immigration program. So, if you have a work permit, moving to the EU from KSA is easy.

Student visa program

Indeed, moving from KSA to Europe for the purpose of studies is quite frequent. In addition to other documents, you also need:

  • Official confirmation of acceptance from a registered educational institution;
  • Proof that you have sufficient funds to support your education and stay.

We hope you find this text helpful. And we heartily recommend you to consult the Embassy of your desired country for further guidance. Finally, we wish you the best of luck with your moving from KSA to Europe!

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