Moving locally in Jeddah – a brief guide

Moving locally in Jeddah should be more comfortable than international moving. Local movers in Jeddah know domestic situations and how to behave in every circumstance. On the other hand, you still could have problems in moving, even if it is local.

  • You should know in which part of the city you should move – not every piece of Jeddah are suitable for ex-pats;
  • Hire good logistics companies in Saudi Arabia to organize transportation;
  • Price is significant, but you do not need to pay a high price for this.

A box full of stuff that you should prepare when moving locally in Jeddah
You should pack all your valuables in boxes when moving locally

Safety is in the first place when moving locally in Jeddah

Although you will inevitably live in part of the Jeddah where ex-pats live safely. However, you need to care about your life while moving in every part of the world. You need to inform yourself about the local society and possible problems.

Check safety information

Do not forget that you live in a country where most live Muslims. So, packaging companies in Saudi Arabia could advise you what to pack in your suitcase. There are pieces of wardrobe that you must not wear in this country in any circumstances.

Keep your documents with you

Do not forget to pack your records in a protected bag. You should take the bag with you and look carefully at them. Since you live in a foreign country, every document lost could cause serious troubles.

Workers in moving company
Hire professional moving company for moving locally in Jeddah

Moving locally in Jeddah depends on local people

You need to inform people who live in Jeddah when moving locally. Most of them live in particular conditions, following their culture and religion. You need to prepare yourself for that circumstance. In some cases, you will need to wear a unique wardrobe.

Respect Ramadan

Do not forget that you live in a country where people follow Islam. They have strict rules about Ramadan, their main holiday. Inform them about them and do not organize local moving during these days.

Do not pack banned items

You should know that there are prohibited items in Saudi Arabia. Although you should not worry about customs clearance in Saudi Arabia when moving locally, you should be careful. Do not take pornography, alcohol, and drugs with you. Just in case prepare safety packages for toys, CDs with movies and newspapers.

Closed boxes
You should be careful with things that you pack in boxes – avoid forbidden things

Moving locally in Jeddah could affect your health

Do not forget that Saudi Arabia has a particular climate that could impact your health. Although moving on short distances does not take long, it could be dangerous for your health. So, prepare yourself for that circumstance.

Pay attention to climate

Since you live in part of the world when daily temperatures are high, you already know how to organize moving safely. However, avoid warm parts of the day. Organize transport in climate vehicles. However, do not forget to drink a lot of water and avoid the sun.

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