Moving overseas during Covid-19 crisis

Moving during the past two years has become a more nerve-wracking experience than ever before. Apart from the usual relocation concerns, there is much more paperwork to worry about and more rules to heed. Regulations regarding Covid-19 change almost on a weekly basis, which causes stress and confusion. Restrictions imposed due to Covid vary from one country to another, which makes international relocation difficult. That is why it is recommendable to consult with a moving company prior to packing your bags. Four Winds KSA will show you how to facilitate moving overseas during Covid-19 crisis.

Moving overseas during Covid-19 pandemic

Tens of thousands of people have been left stranded in quarantines worldwide during their overseas journeys. That is why it is of utmost importance to inform yourself of the latest Covid regulations of the country you are moving to. On top of that, before hiring your international movers Jeddah, gather all necessary information on how to successfully move in times of today’s pandemic. Follow some of the most important tips for moving abroad:

  • find out what paperwork you need for entering your new country of residence
  • hire a reliable moving company
  • follow the local guidelines against spreading the disease
a pile of folders with documents
Obtain proper paperwork and ensure yourself a safe entrance to a new country and when moving overseas during Covid-19 pandemic

Collect the right the paperwork

Each country has different entry rules, so before setting out on a moving venture check if you and your family have filled out all requirements. Use an official government site to find out whether you need a vaccination certificate, just a negative test, or both. Moreover, if you are using container shipping from the UK to Saudi Arabia, find out what paperwork you need for your freight. Governments tend to change regulations often, so it is essential to always follow the latest updates. Showing up at the border and being denied admission to your new homeland is not something you would like for yourself and your family.

Also, check if your insurance plan covers Covid-19. Bear in mind that in case you get sick, you should avoid traveling until you get better and have no symptoms whatsoever.

Hire a reliable moving company

Moving companies are well versed in performing relocation to Saudi Arabia and other countries. They adhere to all health and safety measures and will not compromise your wellbeing.

a moving company employee standing in front of the truck
An experienced moving company will know how to handle your relocation in times of crisis

Follow the local guidelines

Once you settle in after using relocation services Saudi Arabia, you want to get to know your new place of residence. It is recommendable to strictly adhere to local guidelines when it comes to keeping your distance and wearing a mask. This means that you should act responsibly by helping to prevent the transmission of disease. Also, you avoid being subjected to penalties for not adhering to safety measures.

When moving overseas during Covid-19 crisis, you may also follow the latest updates from the World Health Organization to help you better coordinate your relocation.



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