Moving to the USA: a simple guide

Whether you’re relocating just a few blocks away or you’re relocating to a whole different country, it’s necessary to prepare yourself. This will make your move so much easier! So, if the reason why you’re reading this article right now is that you’re moving to the USA, you’re in the right place! We’re here to prepare you for your transition and help you relocate with ease! Keep reading and you’ll get all the necessary info for your upcoming move.

Moving to the USA 101

If you’re thinking about moving to America or you’re already organizing your move, learning about it before the move is of the utmost importance! If you’re wondering why, well the answer is quite simple. Moving from Saudi Arabia to America will be one of a kind experience! Apart from all of the amazing things that’ll await you, you really need to prepare for a cultural shock. People and cities in the USA function a little bit differently.

But there’s no need for worrying because of this. We’re sure you’ll get used to the new lifestyle in no time after moving with your reliable international movers Jeddah! Now that we’ve taken care of this, let’s learn more about the land of free and home of the brave.

A map that you're going to need for moving to the USA
In order to move to the USA with ease, you need to prepare yourself.

A brief overview of America

America is a vast country. We can describe it as a jigsaw of 50 diverse states, all unique in their own way. Describing what you can expect from each of these states will be nearly impossible because all of them can offer you different opportunities. Therefore, whichever state you choose to be your future home, embrace all of the opportunities. The United States of America is known for its cultural history, which can be found in both major and minor cities. The Big Apple and the famous LA are only some of them.

You’ve probably heard how some people claim that the USA is just cities and concrete jungle. However, that’s not the case! After your relocate, you’ll have the chance of exploring and enjoying all kinds of spectacular natural beauty. And did you know that there are 59 national parks in the USA? They cover everything from desert terrain, to rugged mountain ranges and beautiful forests. Try visiting as much of these beauties as possible, and don’t forget to plan your visit to the Grand Canyon.

USA Quick Facts

  • Capital City: Washington, D.C
  • Largest City: New York City
  • Population: 327.2 million (estimated in 2018.)
  • Language: English
  • Currency: United States dollar (USD)
  • Timezone: HAST, MST, EST, PST, AKST, CST

Things you’ll need to take care of before moving to the USA

No matter how exciting relocating to the new place might be, there’s always a boring part of your move. That’s right, we’re talking about the paperwork, calculating moving budget, and taking care of other not-so-exciting tasks. In order to help you prepare for your move, we’ll list some of the most important things you’ll need to care of before the big move.

A passport and an American flag
Personal identification card and your passport are required for moving to America.
  • Obtain legal permission to enter the USA. You can consult an attorney who specializes in immigration law which visa options will be the best in your situation.
  • It’s very important to gather all the documentation you’re going to need for moving to America. It’s a good idea to have them translated into English before you move so that you don’t have to deal with this in a foreign country.
  • Start practicing your English skills ahead of time. Even though you can move to the USA without knowing a word in English, try to learn it. Knowing the language will help you adjust to the new lifestyle much easier!
  • Find a place to stay and start preparing for the move to America on time. Moving in a hurry is a big no even if you’re moving just a few blocks away!

Make moving to the USA simple

If you’re searching for ways of making your move to America simpler, consider getting relocation services in Saudi Arabia. This will be a big change in your life and that’s why you’ll want to have moving professionals by your side to help you organize the entire relocation. They can deal with your move while you mentally prepare for the transition. However, not all moving companies will be able to handle your move the right way. This is why you should hire a company that is reliable and has enough experience… a company like Four Winds Saudi Arabia!

What makes Four Winds Saudi Arabia the best choice?

So, in the sea of average moving companies, what makes us stand out? Well, from the very first beginning, we knew that we wanted to provide our clients with the best possible moving experience. And in order to do so, we needed to make sure that all of our employees have the necessary knowledge, skills, and experience to deal with all kinds of relocations.

A five star service
Hire Four Winds Saudi Arabia and get a five-star moving service.

All of our employees are hard workers and will do anything in order to meet all your moving requirements. This is exactly why people always choose Four Winds before other moving companies. By hiring us, you’ll get quality at an affordable price! If this seems too good to be true, stop by our website and get a free moving estimate!

Services we offer

Four Winds Saudi Arabia has prepared for you moving services of the highest quality. You can get our relocation services that include even packing and storage solutions. In addition to this, we offer logistics services, such as cold chain services or cargo transportation. By getting in touch with us you’ll be able to learn more about our services and how we can make your relocation to the USA simple and hassle-free!

There you have it – these are all the necessary tips for moving to the USA successfully! Follow our guide and you’ll relocate in the simplest and fastest possible way.

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