Ocean container shipping facts you should know

Did you know that shipping goods by sea is one of the most popular ways of transporting goods? The importance of these steel containers is undeniable and that is why we have decided to write some interesting ocean container shipping facts for all of you! But, let’s ask you a couple of questions first. Do you know where most ocean containers are being manufactured? Is it possible to use ocean containers for something other than the shipping process? And what do you think, when was the first shipping container made? If you want to get answers to these and many other questions from the national shipping company of Saudi Arabia, make sure to keep reading!

Ocean containers are one of the cheapest ways of transporting goods

Whoever wants to ship their goods will have to decide whether they will ship by air, sea, or land. Even though logistics companies in Middle East can advise which option is the best one for their clients, they won’t be able to make the decision on behalf of them. Thus, it is necessary to inform yourself about all three options and find out which one is the best fit.

Shipping containers
Shipping by the ocean is one of the most popular and cheapest ways of transporting items

So, if you too are getting ready to ship your goods, this guide will be of use to you! We have gathered some of the most important ocean container shipping facts. By reading them you can get a better understanding of them and the shipping process. For example, the reason why so many people choose to ship by the ocean is that this is one of the cheapest ways of transporting items from one place to the other. Thus, if you plan your shipment carefully, learn about the unplanned shipping expenses, and choose to ship by the ocean, you will manage to save some bucks!

Interesting shipping facts about ocean containers you will want to know

Apart from being one of the cheapest ways of transporting items, there is more to shipping by the ocean. Let’s take a look at some interesting ocean container shipping facts.

  • The first shipping container was made in 1955. Malcolm McLean was in charge of this project. This was a revolutionary project that finally allowed people to transport their items in a safer way. He even gave out the pattern for free to everyone.
  • Almost 97% of all shipping containers in the world have been produced in China. The main reason why this is happening is because of the lower labor costs.
  • Only half of the shipping containers are actually owned by shipping companies. Most companies choose to rent instead to buy a shipping container.
  • At any given time, more than 20 millions of ocean shipping containers are in the high sea waters. 
  • The shipping container can last up to 30 years. Some can even last up to 40 years!
  • Since shipping containers are so durable, it would be such a shame to destroy them after they fulfill their purpose. You can reuse them in so many ways! For example, they can serve as storage units, small shops, swimming pools, clinics for disaster relief, etc.

    Man reading about ocean shipping container facts on his laptop
    You can learn a lot about ocean shipping containers just by researching the Internet

These were only some of the ocean container shipping facts. But there are so many more of them! If you are thinking about using them the next time you have to transport your goods, make sure to learn about other facts. Or even better – get in touch with us and we will provide you with the necessary information!

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