Ocean Freight Carriers Investing in Aircraft

Ocean transports are looking increasingly to include air cargo services in their companies. Why? Because customers are looking for logistics companies in Middle East to ship cargo around the globe. According to professionals, it is more than just simplifying logistics. It is also about making it practical, efficient, and optimized. Some of the largest shipping companies have already added aircraft divisions while some are only starting their ocean freight carriers investing in Aircraft. This is because global supply chain disruptions have demanded that their cargo should be flown.

Why do people choose air freight?

In the bulk of cases, the air offers some of the best solutions. Some clients opt for air freight because they require that their products are shipped quickly! So of course out of many options they pick air, as the best choice. Air is a better choice because ocean freight may take weeks to ship. And that is not a good option for products that are time-sensitive. In fact, if you look at the current demand for air cargo, you will notice it has grown by 2.2 percent in 2022 in comparison to the pre-pandemic levels. That also includes air freight to Saudi Arabia and many other countries around the world. That has further fueled the interest of ocean freight carriers investing in aircraft!

Ocean Freight Carriers Investing in Aircraft is more and more common
Due to the benefits, it provides many ocean freight carriers investing in aircraft became a normal occurrence!

Nobody was interested in logistics chains before the pandemic happened. Nevertheless, about three years into Covid-19, companies started to realize that their logistics departments are not as efficient as they were. Before the pandemic, reaching out to an ocean carrier and reserving cargo service was all it took to ship cargo. That was everything you needed to do to book an ocean freight to Saudi Arabia.

Facing the pandemic many factories in China shut down three years ago affecting the world. There was no timeframe determined for when factories would continue operations. All of this was because cities and provinces all revealed different timeframes for shutdowns. As such the demand climbed dramatically in 2021. As such many ocean freight carriers investing in aircraft like for example, Four Winds KSA became a norm.

Airplance waiting to be loaded with cargo
Air transportation is faster and safe making many opt for it.

Why are ocean freight carriers investing in aircraft?

Are you wondering why carriers investing in aircraft became so popular? Experts point to the fact that purchasing or investing in aircraft is an attractive option for many carriers. They have hardly created any investments during the pandemic. And as such, they are now looking for alternatives for investing money with a good turnout. Buying aircraft could be one option worth considering. This is a good option for you as well if you considered moving by plane.

Many airlines, were hit hard due to Covid-19. That means they also need the money. Major ocean carriers are investing billions in aircraft. Other ocean carriers have even gone a step further buying a stake in airline operators, allowing them to share cargo space. Whether there are more ocean freight carriers investing in aircraft or buying stakes the fact that it is still happening is undeniable.

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