Reasons to get binding moving estimates

You are planning a big move and don’t know where to start. This feeling is highly understandable seeing as a move is a big process and it requires a lot of logistic work and logistic services. First of all, you are going to need a moving estimate or a moving quote so you can set your budget. There are two kinds of estimates, binding and non-binding. Here you can learn what does it exactly means and what are the reasons to get binding moving estimates.

What are binding moving estimates?

There are two kinds of moving estimates that you can get from a moving company you choose to do business with. For long-distance moves, non-binding moving estimates are more common, but there is a lot of reason why you should choose a binding moving estimate when looking at moving companies in Jeddah.

Getting a binding moving estimate means that the price stated in the moving quote will be the amount of money you pay. Any unanticipated or unexpected costs that may happen along the process of the move will not be included in your fee.  On average, the estimate is based on the weight of the goods and the services provided by the company.

It is important to notice that your moving company can charge you for the service of providing you with a binding estimate. But on the other hand, you only pay the estimated delivery. You cannot be required to pay a higher or a lower fee.

On the other hand, when you get a non-binding moving estimate, there is a big chance that the price, in the end, will be different from the price stated in the estimate.

What to look for in binding moving estimates

There are some things that you will need to check out before signing a binding moving estimate. All of the relocation services, like shipment and other services need to be accurately described in the binding moving estimate. You also need to make sure that the binding estimate is in writing and you have a copy before you start with the move. This way, the company will not be able to charge you more on the day of the move. The binding estimate shipments and all other services provided must be clearly described in the binding estimate.

Additional services

Any additional services that you need from the company, such as customs clearance and freight forwarding will need to be billed separately following your move. So, if a service is not in the binding contract but you need it, they should write it on a separate bill, which resolves any problems regarding the transparency of information.

Refusal right

You need to be as transparent as your moving company. Don’t try to add additional items that are not outlined in the binding estimate. Your moving company has the right of refusal before packing and loading up your belongings. If there is any need to add items, discuss this with your mover and you will surely be able to work out a deal before they start moving you.

You need to be as transparent to your moving company as they need to be with you. If you fail to disclose any relevant information they have a refusal right before packing and moving your belongings,

On the other hand, if your mover agrees to service the shipment, you need to do some further steps. You need to reaffirm the binding estimate or negotiate a revised written binding estimate that includes the additional household goods or services. Another option is to add a written attachment to the contract. It states that you will both consider the original binding estimate as a non-binding estimate, and this could significantly affect how much you pay for the move.

Devising a contract

The estimate must be clearly stated to you and your mover and clearly state that the charges will be only for the services that are stated in the estimate.

Binding moving estimates need to be transparent and all the costs need to be precisely described. This way you can secure your moving costs.

When the movers load your shipment, their failure to execute a new binding agreement or to agree to treat the original estimate as a non-binding estimate means that they have reaffirmed the original binding estimate. They cannot make you pay an amount greater than the original binding estimate.

The risk of a non-binding estimate scam

There are some ways in which a moving company can scam you when moving with a non-binding estimate. The first way is that the company purposefully under-prices so they can get your business. When they load your belongings, they will give you a new price that is significantly higher than the first estimate. Then you can risk having your belongings hostage before you agree to pay the new estimate. Regarding the legal issues, the companies can hold your belongings hostage until you pay for the move.

 What happens if you fail to pay after your shipment delivery

If you can’t pay the shipment on the day of the delivery, the moving company can hold onto your belongings. They can put your belongings in storage at your expense until you pay the charges.

And you are ready to choose

With all this information, choosing to get binding moving estimates should be the way to go.

Moving family
When you secure a binding moving estimate you can relax and spend your time with your family and loved ones.

You will be secure from changing tariffs and any other unexpected costs that relate to the moving process. Relax and leave it in the hands of professionals. At the end of the day that is their set of expertise. This shall all help you to get a grasp of Understanding a Binding Estimate When Moving.


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