Relocating from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan

There aren’t many people who are relocating from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan. If you decided to move to Pakistan, you will need to know how to prepare. But you will also need to hire an international moving company that has means and capabilities to transport sea cargo from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan. And there are not many companies that will do such a feat. Of course, you will also need to know how to pack your items so that they can survive the long trip to Pakistan. Cargo ships will usually need 10 days to reach Pakistan. That means that your items will spend that much time on the sea. And that can be a challenge, especially around the coast of Yemen and Somalia.

Shipping your items from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan is time-consuming and sometimes even dangerous

Shipping your belongings from Jeddah Islamic Port, Saudi Arabia to Port of Karachi, Pakistan is a not a thing that should be taken lightly. The distance between the two ports is 2399 nautical miles. And ships usually need around 10 days to reach their destination. Luckily, the waters are usually calm in this area.

So there isn’t much danger from damage caused by the rough sea. However, in these waters, especially around the coasts of Yemen and Somalia there is always a danger of pirates attacks. Even though there were only a few pirate-related incidents in 2019, they still represent a real threat around the horn of Africa and throughout the Indian Ocean. So if you are planning to ship your items this way, think about buying marine insurance that will protect your items from pirate attacks.

Saudi Arabia map
Your items will have to pass through some dangerous waters along the way

Buy proper insurance when relocating from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan

After the Somalian pirate attacks in2008, many maritime insurance companies have taken a great deal of interest in this matter. So nowadays, it is possible to buy marine insurance from such companies that will protect your sea cargo Jeddah from pirate attacks. If you are moving valuable belongings make sure that you buy proper insurance.

Craft a moving plan

As mentioned above, there are many difficulties that you will encounter when moving from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan. From finding an appropriate international moving company, preparing your items, preparing the complicated paperwork, buying insurance, dealing with Riyadh customs clearance and much more. Dealing with so many complicated things at the same time can be very stressful. And the best way to ease this task is to craft a moving plan that will help you to remain on schedule and not to forget something.

Relocating from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan is complicated so hire professional help

One of the items in your master moving plan should find professional help. Freight forwarding companies are specialized in organizing the most difficult and complicated transportations. Of course, you want to find reliable freight forwarder in Saudi Arabia that has lots of experience with people moving from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan. An experienced freight forwarder will know how to pick the best carrier, choose the best routes, find you the best deals and he will make sure that your items are delivered on time, and as agreed.  Also, the good freight forwarder will be able to resolve any difficult situation, either through his knowledge of laws and regulations or through his personal connections. So make sure that you hire someone who knows how to organize your kind of relocation.

shaking hands
Hire professional freight forwarder to help you

Remove part of your items and lower your moving costs

Moving from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan is not cheap. The most important factor that is determining the cost of your international move is the size and weight of your moving inventory. And because it is so expensive, you shouldn’t transport items that you really do not use. So, before anything else, make sure that you get rid of unnecessary items. Of course, the more items you remove the lower your moving price will be. You can get rid of anything you want, but try to remove as much furniture and other heavy items. If you have items that are still in good condition do not forget that you can organize a garage sale or join Facebook garage sale groups and earn some money along the way.

List your items before relocating from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan

After you clear out the junk, you can form your moving inventory and list everything that you have. Many people forget to do this simple thing, even though it can be very helpful. Simply list all items that you have. Write down their names, characteristics, weight, color, serial numbers, and condition. If you decide to use an app for this you will also be able to take a photo. A precise, moving inventory list will help you to get an accurate moving estimate from a moving company. And you will be able to check your belongings once they arrive in Pakistan.

Checklist illustration
Make a list of items that you plan to move

Hire an appropriate moving company

After you remove your excess items and form your moving inventory, you can start searching for an international moving company that will organize your move. As mentioned above, moving from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan brings many obstacles. So you will need to make sure that you are dealing with true professionals. Try to find a moving company that is a member of international moving associations. That has a clean record, and that has previously done these types of relocations.

When moving from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan your items need to be properly packed

When you are looking for an international moving company that will help you with moving from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan, try to find a company that is offering professional packing services. Sea freight is time-consuming and turbulent. So your items need to be packed properly if you want them to arrive undamaged. Hiring professional packing services, besides properly packing your stuff, will relieve you from the most difficult part of the moving process. If you pack your items on your own, you will save some money on packing services. But, on the other hand, you will have to pay for packing materials. And you will have to deal with packing and unpacking. Keep that in mind when you are hiring movers.

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