Restricted Items For Import In KSA

You can have a clue which are restricted items for import in KSA. It is for sure that cargo shipping companies in Saudi Arabia have a list of banned items. However, if you are a newbie in this job, you should know what they will not accept. In some cases, you can risk serious problems with the law.

Which are restricted items for import in KSA in every situation

It is for sure that there are a lot of banned items that you cannot import in KSA in any circumstance. Most of them are forbidden in every country in the world, like a weapon. For most items, you can predict why are restricted, like alcohol. They are a nation that strictly follows religion and not uses or trade with food and liquid that are banned there.

Alcohol is strictly forbidden in Saudi Arabia
  • There are food and liquid that you will not be able to take with you when coming to the KSA – even companies must not trade with them;
  • Shipping and logistic companies know that you must not have some objects with you when traveling to Saudi Arabia – you should consult them before shipping;
  • Among restricted items for import in KSA are toys and things that we usually use for fun – you will not be able to have stuffed animals, too.


Since people in Saudi Arabia follow religion and alcohol is forbidden in their religion. So, they do not drink, sell to use alcohol in their country. It also applies to foreigners. So, there is no way to put even a bottle of alcohol into your bag when traveling to this country. Professional relocations services Saudi Arabia will mention this before packing.

Weapon and ammunition

It is one of the things that are banned in every country in the world. However, freight forwarding companies know that in many countries you can provide an allowance for a weapon. In Saudi Arabia not. They will not allow you to bring even an old weapon as an antique.

There are no many countries that will allow you to bring weapon

There are restricted items for import in KSA but you will be able to take with a special allowance

Although the law about importing items in KSA is strict and precisely say what you must not have in your suitcase, there are special allowances for some of them. You should know that only special organizations and government could give you that allowance. On the other hand, you should not rely on their goodwill. It is much better to check the law.

Goods for selling

Interestingly, Saudi Arabia does not allow foreigners to trade goods from other countries. Only nationals have an allowance to import goods for selling. They also can organize marketing activities. However, if you are a foreigner you must have a company as a partner from Saudi Arabia.

Stuffed animals
One of the things that are restricted in KSA are stuffed animals

Archaeological artifacts

No country in the world will allow you to sell archaeological artifacts or send it to any other country. However, they are among the restricted items for import in KSA, too. You can get a special allowance from the official or export government for expo or museums.

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