Safety measures you should take this summer when moving

Peak moving season is always between April and September. And regardless of the ongoing pandemic, this year is no exception. If you’re planning to move in the upcoming few months, there are certain safety measures you should take this summer. Expert relocation companies in Jeddah have a few tips, to help you handle your project smoothly and with ease. 

What safety measures you should take this summer when moving?

First and foremost, you can move safely during the pandemic, if you’re willing to follow and apply certain precautions. We often mention the importance of timely planning and preparation, and the importance of this is magnified nowadays. Hence, make a point to book your relocation services well in advance and enjoy an easy relocation, with no unpredicted surprises coming along the way. To prepare yourself well for your upcoming summer move, take note of the following points:

  • Prepare your belongings
  • Figure out the logistics of your move
  • Follow guidelines on public health
  • Before you move in
A woman with a wrapped sofa
Take pro help for the packing of your items

Sort out your belongings

Preparing your inventory for the move is the basic spadework of any moving project. Once you’ve booked a date for your relocation, go through your belongings to sort them out. Try to cull the number of household items you intend to move with you. Sell, donate or recycle things you don’t use much. To make it easy on yourself, take pro packing services instead of hunting for packing supplies on your own, and investing your valuable time in wrapping and boxing your things. Also, as you’re going through your items and deciding what’s moving with you, give them a good clean. You can wipe them with a sanitizer and ensure they’re properly disinfected before going into the box.

What is the best shipping method for your items?

There are many options to transport your items when you’re moving. So, do research on what suits you best, based on your individual circumstances. You can rely on customs clearance and freight forwarding pro services for an easy and straightforward moving experience. The centerpiece of any safety measures you should take this summer when moving is social distancing. In other words, limit the direct contact with other people, to keep yourself, and them protected from spreading the virus. Thus, figure what moving services you need, and contact your trusted mover via phone or email. A good mover has a comprehensive list of services they offer online, so you can easily do your research from the comfort and safety of your home.

Follow and comply with the guidelines on public health

Whether you’re moving near or far, it’s an absolute prerogative to be mindful, and keep yourself healthy and safe at all times. So, have your vaccine card updated, and be compliant with the guidelines on public health, issued by official authorities. These include social distancing, refraining from gathering into large groups, maintaining hygiene and cleanliness, etc.

Social distancing
One of the most important safety measures you should take this summer is social distancing

Safety measures you should take this summer before you move in

Above we’ve made a point that in order to keep yourself and others out of harms’ way during your summer move, you need to follow and respect the rules. This is a sure way to keep yourself safe and healthy during your moving project. In addition, consider giving your new place a thorough clean and disinfection before you move in. Even if you’re certain that it was cleaned already, give it a once over personally.

Finally, moving safely during the pandemic depends on you in the big part. If you notice any signs of the virus, ensure you reschedule your move. Communicate it with your mover, as transparency helps curtail the spread of the virus. At last, follow our tips on safety measures you should take this summer when moving, and you’ll enjoy a safe and untroubled moving experience. Good luck and stay safe.

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