Shipping your household by sea

The moving process is a huge challenge for a person. You have to think of a bunch of things that you need to take care of. However, when you are moving overseas, it is even bigger stress and a greater challenge. Especially if you are moving to Saudi Arabia, the national shipping company of Saudi Arabia can be of great help to you. Shipping your household by sea is a huge step in a sense of taking a risk. However, shipping your personal belongings in containers is good at least for one thing only. You will not have to pay duties for your personal belongings. It is important to mention also that this process is also very good since we are avoiding damage, delay, and extra costs.

Choose the reliable agency-be your own champion in the shipping household by sea

Even in life, you need a reliable partner. Especially in the moving overseas process while shipping your household by sea-you need a reliable partner. So, if you need to move to Saudi Arabia, Sea Cargo Jeddah is a great choice for you. You are going to have to think about a lot of things:

  • what you can and cannot ship overseas
  • bringing containers to your home directly
  • loading the containers
  • unloading the containers at your home
Reliable company
A delivery guy scanning freight

This is just a roughly made draft but it will help you in making the plan. After this draft, you need to follow the steps in moving overseas process and just stick to the plan. It will make your job a lot easier later. The point is that you should choose someone whom you can trust enough and try to relax a little bit.

Can and can’t ship overseas

You probably think that you will have a lot of limitations in sense of what you can and what you cannot ship overseas. However, the truth is that you can ship almost anything. That’s a relief, right? So, if you are a fashionista and plan to bring your designer wardrobe with you that is fine. Still, we have to be careful about something and that is the amount. Quantity of the items you bring it’s really important stuff you need to think about. You are definitely going to need more information on ocean freight to Saudi Arabia, so please feel free to explore the internet. Feel free to invest your time in choosing the best options for you. Maybe you are asking yourself why quantity is so important. Well, it is because of the customs of course. So, yes, sure you bought a lot of high-quality goodies for your office, but the customs will maybe think of it as you want to start an office supply business illegally. In addition, new is not always better-customs prefer that you have had some item for more than six months.

Shipping overseas
A man jumping over freight containers

Bringing the containers to your home directly

Ok, so you have finished step one and you have chosen a suitable company for you. Since they are certified professionals, they will also help you in handling things and logistics before you actually move overseas. The process of shipping your personal items overseas is challenging but the right company will reduce your stress. Your shipping company will set up a date and time to bring a container to your home address. Your most economical option is to keep the container for two or three hours before a truck driver drives it out of your space. Still,  if you need more time, you can pay extra to keep it for a couple of days or hours more.

Moving truck company
A truck driver waiting

You should also check with your local government for any regulations about keeping the truck in your street. If the truck is allowed, you need to find an accessible, legally suitable, and also safe place to park the container, especially if you are going to be there more than a couple of hours.

So, let’s say that space and local laws are not a problem, many truck drivers just don’t want to park a container on the street for more than a couple of days. All in all, you definitely need a professionally certified company that will take care of all these rules for you.

Loading the containers when shipping your household by the sea

It is essential that you pack everything you plan to move, and seal it up before the container arrives. In this case, although you need a reliable company, of course, you are fully responsible for your own stuff. If you cannot do it yourself, feel free to get as much help as you need. As you load, label where you put each item. In that way, when Customs ask you about where is what, you will be able to manage quickly. It is a challenge to ship your household by the sea,  and therefore it is challenging to pack everything in the right manner also.  Make sure to wrap the straps around the hooks fixed along with the container’s up and bottom.  Despite you being careful, there’s always a reasonable amount of risk of damage during a moving process. That is precisely why is important to have insurance, so please do some research about the insurances also.

Unloading the containers

When you pass the Customs, your shipping company will bring it to your new location, where you are fully responsible for unloading. The majority of people need only a couple of hours to unload.  Please, do not forget about truck restrictions at your local place. So it’s especially important to check local regulations before you bring a shipping container to your new home. Also, make sure that you have enough helpers because you are going to need them. You cannot unload everything by yourself.

All in all, moving overseas is an adventure. Although it is a very challenging process, you really should make that step and take a leap of faith. You cannot leave your life by avoiding the tension. You have to grab the opportunity and embrace the new paths in your life. It sounds scary, but it is better to move and take a risk rather than stay stuck somewhere you don’t belong.

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