Shipping your items during winter: basic facts

Shipping your items during winter is always a challenge. Winter precipitations and low temperatures will affect negatively on many of your items. So you will need to provide them with special protection against cold weather and moisture. And you will need to be prepared for the delays. However, hiring experienced logistic companies in Bahrain could help you overcome all obstacles that will appear during winter shipping. So make sure that you have good logistic support when you are shipping in wintertime. Luckily, winter in Saudi Arabia practically doesn’t exist. So you will have no problems if you are shipping in the area. However, if you are shipping long distances, and you know your items will suffer in cold weather, you will need to be prepared for it.

Shipping your items during winter in Saudi Arabia

When you think about winter shipping, you will usually think about freezing temperatures and snow. However, if you are shipping in Saudi Arabia, winter might be the best time of the year for business activities. The weather is nice with most precipitations in February in the form of light rain. And the temperatures are usually around 68 °F. Snow could appear in western mountains, but rarely.

Saudi Arabia beach
You will have no problems with cold in Saudi Arabia

Be prepared if you are shipping overseas

On the other hand, if you are shipping overseas. You need to be prepared for winter conditions. Logistic companies in Saudi Arabia has lots of experience with shipping overseas. And know how to handle wintertime shipping.  Just make sure that you hire reliable professionals for the job.

Use appropriate packaging to protect your precious cargo from freezing temperatures and moist

One of the main issues with wintertime shipping is keeping your items safe from the effects of low temperatures and moist. Of course, the first thing to do is to make sure that you prepare appropriate packaging that will keep your items shielded from cold and moist. If you are using cardboard boxes, make sure that they are wrapped with plastic. Also, add insulation inside the boxes to avoid condensation.

If there is an option of crating, that could be a good way to shield your items from cold. Alternatively, your freight forwarder could arrange for the air-conditioned warehouse at the destination. Or temperature-controlled trucks for distribution.

Planning is the key when shipping your items during winter

Besides affecting your items negatively, winter shipping will throw a few more obstacles on your path. Of course, delays are one of the most common ones. In wintertime, there are many reasons why your shipment could be late. From icy conditions to closed roads, and holiday traffic. And you can be sure that something will come up. So your only solution is to plan for this ahead.

Make sure that your customers are informed in advance that there is a possibility of a delay. Also, you will have to be flexible, agile, and to have a backup plan that you will follow in such a case. And always use the shipment tracking option to stay informed.

Planning a route
Planning is the most important part of winter shipping

Hiring experienced and reliable freight forwarding company is the best way to organize wintertime shipping

Of course, all of this will be much easier if you have professional help to organize it all. If you think that wintertime shipping is too much complicated for you to hire a freight forwarding company in Saudi Arabia to do it for you.

An experienced and trustworthy freight forwarding company will always find the best options to ship your cargo.  They will give you several options to choose from. And they will use their connections to make sure that your cargo is delivered on time.

Of course, hiring a freight forwarding company will cost you money. And if you want to avoid paying their services you will have to learn a lot about the business.

Think well before you decide on the type of transportation

One of the things to think about when shipping your items during winter is the type of transportation that you will use. If you are shipping something long-distance, for example, you will have two options at your disposal. Airfreight and ocean freight.

Of course, there are many things to consider when deciding whether to ship your items by sea or by air during winter. First, you need to be aware that your items will be traveling much longer if you decide on the ship. And that they will be exposed to cold much more and much longer than in a plane. But it is a much more affordable option.

You need to take all those things into consideration, plus your items’ sensitivity and resistance to cold and moist. If you have items that couldn’t stand cold for a long time, you better decide to ship your items by air.

Ski plane
Use airfreight if you think it is necessary

Communication is crucial when shipping your items during winter

In wintertime, there are many things that could go wrong, and communication is the key to overcome all obstacles. Be in touch with your vendors, customers, carriers and freight forwarders and make sure that everyone is doing their part of the job. If there is a problem, make sure that everyone who is affected by it is informed. This will make sure that things run smoothly even in hard winter conditions.

Final reminder

Shipping your items during winter is complicated and you need to prepare well if you want to be successful. Here is the final reminder on how to handle wintertime shipping:

  • Make sure that you use appropriate packaging when shipping your items during winter.
  • Plan ahead, be agile, flexible and ready to act quickly in a case of a delay.
  • Hire professional help to organize your wintertime shipping.
  • Choose an appropriate type of transportation.
  • Communication is very important.

If you follow these simple rules, you will have no problems with shipping your items during winter.

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