Tactics fraudulent 3PL companies use

There are some tactics fraudulent 3PL companies use in order to get more money from the customers. Of course, they have never intended to honor their end of the bargain. Instead, they will simply get away with your money and possessions and you will never see them again. Unfortunately, there are many moving companies that pretend to be logistics experts only to cheat the clients of their belongings. The methods range from fake advertisement to using “professional” tips and tricks to get money in advance. For this reason, it is really important to hire good logistics experts. For example, there are some really amazing relocation companies in Jeddah you can trust. They can help you out with your relocation needs. In any case, we will help you learn how fraudulent movers get more clients. Make sure to read our guide until the end.

Which tactics fraudulent 3PL companies use to get more clients?

There are many fraudulent tactics bad 3PL companies use for their own benefits. One of the most well-known ones is false advertisement. The moving company in question would, for example, fake moving and relocation reviews. This can easily be done by using multiple fake accounts representing real people. Then, by using such accounts, a moving company is able to “pump” their moving reviews to maximum ratings and to glorify themselves in order to attract more clients. There are some ways to fight fraud like this. For example, usually, the same person is writing all fake comments. They are easy to spot and you can decide if a moving company is good or bad based on that only. No one has the same writing style and it is possible to notice differences and similarities easily.

Two men making a deal
Make sure to hire reliable movers only

Yet another tactic fraudulent moving companies use is payment in advance. No reputable moving company will ever ask for payment in advance. It is simply impossible to do. Moving and relocation are unpredictable, to say at least. This means that there could be some factors that will dictate the final price of the move. If, for example, something goes wrong, a moving company should recompensate the client. Then, the client will, actually, pay less for their relocation. However, most people do not know this and they fall for the trap set by fraudulent movers. If someone ever asks you to pay for your relocation in advance, they might be fraudulent movers just judging by that.

What other methods and tactics fraudulent movers use?

Yet another method some moving companies use is faking the relocation completely. For instance, your movers will be all good and well until you find out that you have been robbed. Simply put, some fraudulent movers will come to relocate you, load their moving truck with your items, and then disappear completely. By the time you realize that something is wrong, they will be far away and you will not be able to find your items. So, if you are starting a business in KSA, you should get yourself a good moving company. There are some really amazing movers who can help you out with your move. All you need to do is find them. In any case, here is what you can expect as well from bad movers:

  • Double-charging. There are some programs that will allow a moving company to charge extra or double the relocation price. Sure, your fraudulent movers will relocate you and everything will be fine. However, when you check your bank account, more money will be missing than it should. For this reason, you should make sure to find a moving company you can trust.
  • Charging extra for services. Some fraudulent movers might even make up services they did not do. For example, they might charge you extra for moving boxes, or for some items they should not charge you at all. There are some special services that require extra payment, but not all of them do. Thus, keep an eye out for this.
  • Customs scam. Unless you find the finest customs clearance Saudi Arabia offers, you can get scammed. Some fraudulent movers tend to scam their clients on customs. Thus, make sure that you learn all you can about it.
A jar of money
Never pay more than you should for the move

Are there other tactics fraudulent 3PL companies use?

There are some other tactics you will need to be careful about. For instance, only professional moving companies have all verified information on their website. By this, we mean that you will be able to find their exact location. It really does not matter if you are hiring a moving company from New York City or from Jeddah, for as long as their location is public and valid. However, fraudulent moving companies cannot verify their exact location due to the fact that they are not an official moving company. So, you can have this in mind next time you are hiring movers. If you are careful, you will be able to see which company is good and which is not.

A man dialing a number on his phone
Call professional movers only when you are sure in their integrity

The final tactic we would like to tell you about is the prices. In most cases, fraudulent movers will have a drastically different relocation price than it is regular for your part of the world. For instance, if the norm is to pay somewhere between $85-105 per hour of relocation, do not take movers who charge $25-40 per hour, for example. That way, you will be avoiding scammers most likely. Keep an eye out on this one, it might save your relocation completely.

Final thoughts about this one

Now that you know some of the most-used tactics fraudulent 3PL companies have, you can relocate with more success. For as long as you make sure that you are relocating with professional movers, everything should be fine. In short, make sure that you are hiring good movers and you will relocate anywhere in no time. Good luck with your move!

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