The Cost of Shipping Large Items to Saudi Arabia

The cost of shipping large items to Saudi Arabia can be a little low. Despite common expectations, those costs are lower than we expect. The key is to choose the right company and organize shipping properly. Clients that want to manage this process at affordable prices should choose the national shipping company of Saudi Arabia that have experience and the right tool. Also, you will need to pack items properly and find the best transportation method. Otherwise, you will need the right tool and equipment for filling, assembling, and protecting—all you can find for acceptably low prices if you organize yourself.

What do we consider a large item?

Firstly, you need to define a large item for you. There are many ways to express these packages in a way that company will. It is also essential to know that sea freight from China to Saudi Arabia will cost more than local shipping. After that, you can be sure that the company will charge you times accordingly.

The cost of shipping large items to Saudi Arabia could be high

Size, weight, and sensitivity affect the price

Calculating the cost of shipping large items to Saudi Arabia is only helpful if you figure out the other details. It is for sure that the company will charge you more if they need to pack sensitive and valuable items. Also, packaging companies in Saudi Arabia have many details to calculate the distance and equipment they need to use when shipping.

How to calculate the size of the items?

Companies have a lot of great ways to consider the size of the package. They calculate according to different details and options. If you follow their instructions, you will easily pack items for transport. If you have many things that you cannot fill fast, you can rent an air-conditioning warehouse and keep them until shipping.

  • Companies consider packages heavier than 23 kg as oversized items, but they will not use pallets for shipments lighter than 70 kg;
  • The cost of shipping large items to Saudi Arabia includes items larger than 2.4 x 1.2 x 1.8 m, while for Express Services, it’s 1.2 x 1.2 x 1.5 m – you will maybe need to calculate meters to inches;
  • The companies have an exceptional service for items heavier than 500 kg, considered oversized.

The cost of shipping large items to Saudi Arabia

After you have defined the proper size of the items and know what to expect when shipping items, you should calculate costs, the company will usually organize this process fast and recommend packing material. Remember about additional charges and organization.

It is crucial to inform about the prices

The price depends on the size

If you have large items to transport, the size will directly affect the size. In that way, you should expect that large items transporting will cost a lot. Although shipping large items costs a lot, it can be reasonable. However, you can declutter these items and pack them in smaller boxes. You will save money and protect items adequately. Count on the longer time for preparation and expect changes in the organization. However, it could cost you much less, and you will not pay the cost of shipping large items to Saudi Arabia.

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