Tips for learning a new language before moving abroad

Moving to a new country is both exhilarating and demanding. It is not enough that you will have to meet your people. You will also need to learn their language. Besides great language tutor, do not forget that you will need a great moving company, so please check that out also. Especially if you are moving to a country where English is not so popular, we highly recommend learning a new language before moving abroad since it will be very helpful later. For instance, it will allow you to mingle with new friends, colleagues,  and neighbors once you move. There are numerous methods and of course, every individual has their own path. For someone, it is easier to follow the informal way and watch movies, and listening to music. On the other hand, someone likes to know everything about the structure of the language following the set of fixed rules.

Take language classes-the most popular method for learning a new language when moving abroad

Some would say, the traditional way is the best way. To be honest, why not. If it is something that has been proved reliable all this time, then why change it. Speaking of traditional and reliable, if you are already hiring a teacher, take international movers in Riyadh into consideration if you are thinking of hiring a moving company also. Back to the topic, hiring a tutor is maybe for the best. Right away, you have a learning partner who can also teach you the language basics. You probably heard stories that learning a new language when moving abroad can be extremely challenging.

Learning new language when moving abroad
The  teacher is showing on the blackboard

Here are some additional methods that can be useful for you:

  • watching films in the language and listening to music
  • leaving space for learning a certain amount of time each day
  • buying a proper dictionary
  • paying a short trip to the destination country

Watching films in the language and listening to music

We can all agree that at some point in life we all learned languages in this way. Maybe we are not speaking that language perfectly but we can manage.  If you have watched cartoons in German you can probably manage to order a coffee in Berlin. Or, if you have spent your childhood watching soap operas in Spanish with your grandma-you are probably ready to order a pizza in Madrid. Watching films is a great way that people “feel” the language and its accents and dialects. Although some would say that these ways are passive they don’t have to be. You can pause the movie and try repeating what the characters said. Especially when listening to music you will make a habit of using a language on a daily basis which will be extremely helpful while adapting to the new country later.

Watching movies and learning a language
Old TV in nature

Learn a new language before moving abroad-every day little by little

Routine is important. It is important not only for exercising and daily life but also when learning something new. Especially learning a new language before moving abroad demands continuity. Same as in packaging, also in learning you need to be precise and meticulous. For packaging, you can do an internet search for packaging companies in Saudi Arabia and choose the most reliable one. While for the language learning, in addition to external assistance you can also help yourself. If you leave everything for the last day you will create a lot of unnecessary chaos. The moving process is stressful itself, so you don’t need the additional stressors. Therefore, make sure that you invest at least ten minutes of your time on a daily basis. Try also some other methods, for example-five new words and one grammatical rule per day.

Step by step learning
Little by little

Buy a proper dictionary

Dictionaries are very useful in the learning language process. When learning a new language before moving abroad you can consider multiple types of dictionaries. You can try the ones with simple expressions and basic words. Then, you have bilingual ones which are slightly more professional. At the end of course, if you feel confident about your knowledge and skills in the language you can buy a monolingual dictionary. For starters though, small pocket-size translational dictionaries can be very good for you. The reason is that you can carry them around with you the whole day and just take them out of your bag or pocket to make use of it. Also, if by additional dictionary you also need some extra help in the moving process,  please do not forget to explore a bit about relocation services Saudi Arabia if you need some extra help in the moving process.

Paying a short trip to the destination country

Even if you are not into the spirituality movement you have probably heard about the “energy” that certain places have. Therefore, it is essential that you visit a country where you are moving to before you actually move. Besides the energy and the vibe that you will pick up from the place, you can also test your language skills. You can make a project and an adventure out of that trip. You can engage in everyday activities such as asking for directions, ordering a coffee at a restaurant, or having small talk with some restaurant or department store staff. Visiting local museums or festivals can also be great in exploring the culture. When you attend museums and festivals there is also a unique opportunity for you to “feel” the everyday language. Be courageous and practice using the language with the locals.

In conclusion, we can say that the moving process itself is very demanding and stressful. When you add learning a new language on top of it it can be extremely overwhelming. However, try to be spontaneous and open-minded and embrace the challenge. In the beginning, it will be tough, but you will thank yourself later for being strong and persistent. All in all, we all know that every beginning is difficult, but in the end, hard work always pays off.

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