Transporting a Motorcycle Overseas: How to

Transporting a motorcycle overseas is very hard. Many professionals will not recommend it. However, what if you cannot separate from your precious vehicle? Luckily, moving companies in Saudi Arabia resolve this problem always. There are a few ways to organize it efficiently.

  • Every national shipping company of Saudi Arabia will recommend the door-to-door approach – it means that you could get your vehicle after you move and they will drive to your home;
  • Port-to-port approach is cheaper, but also suitable for your car – you can send it in a container and wait in closest port;
  • Drive it alone – admit that transporting a motorcycle overseas is challenging, but this way is the most attractive if you can organize it.
Motorcycle on the water that shows how transporting a motorcycle overseas is hard
No, you cannot drive your bike through the water

Documentation that you need to prepare for transporting a motorcycle overseas

There is important legislation about the documentation that you need to carry a bike. It presumes that you should prove that bike is yours. Also, there are a few other papers that you need to have. After all, you should have proper documentation about the bike, too.

Bill of sale

The first you need to prove is that motorcycle is yours. It is the first every customs clearance will ask from you. For local movers in Saudi Arabia, the system is much more comfortable. However, moving overseas demands a few rules. So, the best is to have a certificate and proof of ownership.

Driver license

It is not possible to transport a motorcycle and not have proof that you will drive it. International movers Jeddah has a problem with people who have not this document. You cannot transport a motorcycle for somebody else. So, prepare this document first.

It is hard to transport a motorcycle because of law, too

Transporting a motorcycle overseas is very easy if you know the rules

There are a lot of shipping companies that will help you in this job. You should know that the transportation of vehicles is not easy nor cheap. However, it is a great way to have your car with you to a new country. Do not leave it behind in that case.

Container shipping

It is the easiest and the most common shipping method for a motorcycle at the same time. You can put the bike into this container and wait for it at the destination. They will protect it and safely transport it to you.


It is a little more expensive and harder way. However, most of people love to use it. You will transport your motorcycle to the ship alone. They will protect with straps, and you will be able to drive it as the boat arrives. It is a good option for those who would love to push the motorcycle whenever they can, even during transportation.

You can drive your motorcycle in some parts of the transporting

Drive it

As we said, you can drive it alone, using a roll-on/off shipping method. It is excellent for people that love their motorcycles and free driving. More likely, for those who love challenges and adventures. However, before it, learn about motorcycle safety first. Transporting a bike overseas could be a great adventure, though.

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