What happens when you have a problem with customs

It is not rare that custom clearance of goods transported by sea often becomes a challenge. Often, incorrect classification of packaging puts the endeavor at risk. Finally, it jeopardizes the purpose of transportation, and that is reaching the recipient. Yet, there are ways to go through custom clearance Saudi Arabia without major problems. However, the complexity of the needed documentation requires accuracy and a fair amount of time. But fear not, because we will show you what to do when you have a problem with customs.

What to do when you have a problem with customs?

If you plan on moving and shipping your items overseas, we suggest you consider hiring relocation companies in Jeddah. As we previously mentioned, due to the complexity of this task, you’ll need all the help you can get. However, sometimes problems are inevitable. Here are some of the situations when you will have a problem with customs. By knowing these situations, you’ll be ready to prevent them or to solve them if they happen.

Storage containers ready for shipping
Classification of your cargo is important to avoid problems.

How to handle incorrect cargo classification when you have a problem with customs?

Usually, many problems come from an inaccurate description. Therefore, you have to pay attention to the classification of your cargo. This is very important if you ship goods, foods, or technical devices. Because the more accurate you provide the information, the shorter time your customs procedures will take. Hence, you won’t have to worry about what happens when you have a problem with customs. Also, note that formalities at customs can cause you considerable losses. So, classify your goods according to dimension, size, state of aggregation, and specific features. If this is too complicated, we suggest you ask for help from reliable moving companies. They can help with cargo classification, but they know the cargo transportation process as well.

Problems with inaccurate duties

If you have a problem with customs due to inaccurate duties, fear not. Actually, taxes on imported and exported goods shipped by sea is among the most misleading issues. These taxes depend on several factors:

  • The country,
  • The weight,
  • The category, and
  • Value of goods.

Therefore, you should pay attention to paperwork to avoid problems with customs and tax issues. So, prepare all your commercial documents- contracts and invoices. The customs often check to ensure that a declaration of goods is not fictitious, so be careful.

A calculator, paper and a pen
Carefully calculate the taxes when you have a problem with customs.

Shipping of dangerous goods- prepare and avoid having a problem with customs

It happens that the customs authorities decide that cargo is hazardous to health. Or that it poses a danger to safety in general. When you have a problem with customs of that kind, know that it’s likely they’ll return or re-route the cargo. However, we recommend that you get familiar with the law before you ship dangerous cargo. After you get to know the rules, you have to comply with those requirements. They are obligatory for all ships and ports. The carriage of dangerous goods is governed by the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code.

Person holding an ipad
Read the regulations about shipping and customs.

Final words

When you have a problem with customs, just remain calm and try to find a solution to your problem. Also, go through the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships dated 1973 and the protocol of 1978. We wish you good luck in this endeavor.

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