What is the freight transportation services index

Freight transport is the most important component of all supply-chain and logistics systems. In order to understand better this transport, it’s necessary to learn what the Freight Transportation Services Index is and what is its main purpose. Does this sound too complicated? If so, fear not! In order to help you understand better this Index, we at Four Winds Saudi Arabia have created a comprehensive guide regarding this topic. Therefore, if you want to learn more about freight transport, read on!

What is freight transportation?

Four Winds Saudi Arabia is a serious company that can help offers sea cargo from Saudi Arabia to India and to many other states. However, before shipping your goods, you should learn more about freight transport. Freight transportation is the physical process of transporting different goods and cargo by sea, land, or air.

Freight transport is key for getting goods and cargo to the desired destination on time, safely and in a cost-effective manner. This is exactly why freight transportation became popular among big and serious companies, but also among others who’re in need of fast ways of transporting their goods.

What is the freight transportation services index (TSI)?

The Freight Transportation Services Index (TSI) was created by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) and the US Department of Transportation (DOT). This Index measures the movement of freight and passenger carriers. ┬áThe freight index measures the change in freight transportation, while the passenger index measures changes that happen in passenger travel. It can also be combined with other indicators to give us a better understanding of the economy in one state. And, that’s is exactly why people have created the TSI! They wanted to understand the relationship between the transportation industry and the economy.

A diagram that's used to show the variations in freight transportation services index
TSI informs us on how the transportation service is changing month after month.

TSI gave us some important pieces of information. For example, we know know that December is one of the most popular months for shipping goods. Even though predicting the exact number of people who’re in need of sea cargo from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan or other countries, TSI is still very important. This is why all of you who’re interested in freight transport should take a look at TSI.

September 2019 Freight Transportation Services Index

After reaching a new all-time high in August, TSI fell by 2.5% in September 2019. However, in a one year period between September 2018 and 2019, the index dropped by 0,1%. In September 2019, there was a significant decrease in rail carloads, water, trucking, air, and pipeline freight.

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