What is the role of a customs clearing agent?

What is the role of a customs clearing agent and why does it matter? Customs clearance companies in Saudi Arabia do a very important job. Thanks to them, you can be sure that your shipping will be professionally and correctly organized. However, you should not forget about your part in this job, too.

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You can relax and leave the hardest job to the agent when shipping

The role of a customs clearing agent is to help clients

The first job every professional customs clearing agent has is to help the client. No matter how skilled and informed he is, the agent must prepare for this job properly. It includes collecting the documentation or helping in organizing the job. A good agent could predict the possible problem and prevent turning the whole procedure into a disaster.

  • Documents are very important for shipping so collecting of it is the role of a customs clearing agent – so nothing could go wrong;
  • Experience is one of the greatest things when agents are about – they know much more than we can imagine;
  • It is hard to pack items properly – many people recommend hiring one of the best moving companies in Saudi Arabia to help you.


Although there are lists of the documents needed for shipping, you cannot be sure that it is the only one you need for this job. Luckily, international movers Jeddah knows their job and could help you in this case. Do not forget to start on time.

Organize packing

No matter where and what you have planned to ship, packing is the most important part of that job. It is not just throwing the wardrobe in the boxes. You must have a system, proper packing supplies, and knowledge about the protection of the items inside. If you choose one of the best relocation services in Saudi Arabia you will not have that problem.

It is important to prepare for customs clearance and avoid delaying

Prepare for the procedure

It is good to learn whatever you can about this job. Even if you have planned to hire professionals, you should inform them about the procedure. It should not be hard, though. There is a lot of information on the internet. After all, you can ask your movers for advice.

Other details that define the role of a customs clearing agent

Every agent much knows the job he performs. There are a lot of details and unpredicted things that he must prepare for. However, even the best-informed people cannot know what can happen. It is the reason why you should hire a professional for the job like shipping is.

Calculate taxes

For most people, taxes and other fees are not a fact that bothers them. However, they could turn in serious costs if you have not prepared for them. So, inform yourself about them on time. Use the import duty calculator if you are not sure about your knowledge.

Airport and suitcase
There are a lot of things that you should know when shipping and traveling

Arrange cooperation

There are jobs that only a good agent can do. As the role of a customs clearing agent that is most important is to connect you with other companies. You will be surprised at how many details they know. After all, companies will rather have trust in agents with experience than in the client.

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