What to expect from cold chain delivery in 2022?

The experts are having different opinions about the normalization of the supply chain. The most optimistic ones are expecting it in the first quarter of 2022. However, many of them disagree. They are foreseeing supply chain normalization only in the second part of 2022. Expectations for the cold chain delivery in 2022 are the same. However, many experts don’t think that the problem to be resolved before 2023. However, what seems certain is that the supply chain will undergo major changes during 2022. Many companies have already announced the introduction of technology-driven models across supply chain operations. Many of you heard about Amazon delivery drones. In order to prepare for future risks, Four Winds Saudi Arabia should also introduce technological innovations.

What is a cold chain delivery?

You’ve probably already heard about the supply chain. It is a network of resources, organizations, individuals, activities, and technology. Its main purpose is to deliver the product to the final consumer fast and safely. The same principle applies to cold chain services. The difference is in the products that are delivered. If you need to transport fresh agricultural products, frozen food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, or organs for transplantation, you will need a cold chain. And you need the delivery to be fast.

Cold chain delivery in 2022 – the drone hovers over the water.
Many of you heard about Amazon delivery drones.

What pandemic crises showed us about the cold chain?

During the pandemic crises, we all realized how fragile is the cold chain. And this is also true for the supply chain. With lockdowns and limited ability to move, many products had to be stored. So, many logistics companies in the Middle East had to keep goods in storage. They had no means to forward them further. So, the storage got overcrowded. Also, many goods were spending months on the freight ships. And you can only imagine what was happening with cold chain good. They need certain temperature ranges, not only during storage. But they need them during the transport period too.

What new trends we can expect in cold chain delivery in 2022?

When thinking about post-Covid shipping solutions, the question is what changes we can expect in cold chain delivery in 2022. First, to avoid damage to so sensitive goods, more cold and cryogenic storage spaces should be built. So, in a case of a prolonged pandemic situation, the items will be safe. Second, many companies are looking for alternative delivery ways. Drones and vehicles without drivers are some of them. They can move without problem even during the lockdowns. And with the need to fast and safely deliver vaccines, the importance of cold delivery is even higher.

Freight ships docked in the port during the nighttime.
Many goods were spending months on the freight ships.

How can technology make difference in cold delivery?

We’ve all learned a bitter truth and realized how sensitive some items are. And we can hope that such a case will not happen again in cold chain delivery in 2022.  So, how this experience can help us to avoid future failures? Can the development of delivery technology help? The answer is Yes. The main aim of tech research is to strengthen the cold chain. That way, it will match into a rapidly changing world. Also, in the case of new crises, it will help us a lot. We will be able to reduce waste, from vaccines to frozen food products. The tech giants are already working on solutions to chain digitization. This includes the cold chain delivery too. We all hope to see the first results in the supply chain technology trends in 2022. Otherwise, some other solutions will emerge. And they could threaten the cold chain supply.

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