What to Expect When Moving to Jeddah

Moving to Jeddah is different for foreigners and Saudi Arabia residents. It’s much easier to move to Jeddah if you are a resident since you do not need to submit tons of documents and get approved for a visa. Whether you are a foreigner or a resident of KSA, there are some things you should know regarding Jeddah generally and living in Jeddah. For example, living standards, weather, employment, safety, laws, etc. These are very important since getting to know a place will make your adapting process much smoother. That is why one of the best moving companies in Saudi Arabia leads you in on what to expect when moving to Jeddah, Sadi Arabia.

What to expect when moving to Jeddah?

Jeddah is the second largest city in Saudi Arabia. It has around 5 000 000 residents and very rich history, as most of the KSA has. Jeddah is considered to be the country’s commercial center. It is home to various nationalities, and lately, many people from the USA and Europe move to Jeddah. Therefore, you might expect that moving to and living in Jeddah is extremely expensive. However, their living standards are similar to some American cities, especially in affordability. For example, total expenses per person are circa 900$. Housing prices range depending on the dimensions of the home. You can find small studios for 300$, or an apartment in the city center for 730$.

An interior of a house
Living in Jeddah can be tough on those who do not enjoy hot and warm weather.

Other costs of living in Jeddah

That is a pretty affordable price for a small family. Groceries are also quite affordable, with basic foods such as milk, eggs, vegetables, and fruits being very affordable. Eating out is pretty affordable, depending on the restaurant you choose. Some things are a bit more expensive, such as gyms, which can go up to 100$ per month. Private education is also expensive, it can go up to 8 000 per year, and daycare goes up to 400$ a month. If we compare the living standard and minimum wage in Saudi Arabia and America, living in Jeddah is much more convenient. However, there are more things to consider before hiring international movers Jeddah and moving to this beautiful place.

Employment and safety in Jeddah

Saudi Arabia has a different perspective on working. Jeddah has a low unemployment rate, similar to the rest of the county. Most residents work in the oil industry, tourism, banking, food and accommodation, retail, real estate, healthcare, etc. In Jeddah, work hours are usually from 7 or 8 AM until 3 and 4 PM. During Ramadan, most companies work 6 hours, and that is mostly for Muslim employees. When it comes to the working week, free days are usually Friday and Saturday since Friday is a day for rest for Muslims. Another thing to point out is employment for women. Most women are allowed to work in beauty salons, hospitals, schools, etc. Other job positions are occupied by men.

Safety is another thing to look into when researching what to expect when moving to Jeddah. Jeddah is mostly safe when it comes to burglaries and other smaller crimes. Pickpocketers are usually the biggest problem in crowded places and during tourist season. Jeddah is a mildly unsafe place due to terrorist attacks because it is close to Mecca. It can be a bit unsafe for a single woman as well. However, moving to Jeddah should not be any problem if you are not alone.

Strong culture and great cuisine

Jeddah is a known tourist spot, for both recreational and religious tourism. It is due to its rich culture and history. Jeddah has more than 1300 mosques, most of them being hundreds of years old. When it comes to cuisine, Jeddah has a mix of different cuisines, but some of the traditional dishes are Foul, Mugalgal, Madhbi, Magloobah, Manzalah, etc. Even though they have a strong culture, they are still respectful of other cultures and nationalities and do not push their own on foreigners, as many people think.

A picture of a judge moving to Jeddah
Laws in Jeddah are very strict, just like in the rest of Saudi Arabia.

Weather and laws in Jeddah

The weather in Saudi Arabia can be extreme since the summer months are humid and hot. Winter months are much better to tolerate, but they are snowless. However, Jeddah has problems with floods and air pollution. Floods are common and have caused much damage in the last couple of years. The last big flood occurred in 2017., and left two dead people and many destroyed homes as a consequence. Air pollution is another problem, especially during hot summer days. Air pollution is connected with bad traffic. Since this is a big city with more than 4 million residents, bad traffic can take at least 2 hours of your life every day.

Laws are quite strict in Saudi Arabia, especially religious laws, crimes, women’s rights, etc. For example, women cannot drive in Saudi Arabia. They have to cover their hair, hands, and body. They mustn’t have conversations with random and unknown men, married or single. Muslims mustn’t drink alcohol, use drugs and eat pork. During Ramadan, sex, cigarettes, and many more things are prohibited.

Woman in tarditional clothes in Jeddah
Jeddah has a strong culture and a very rich history.

Islam encourages Muslims to respect other religions and appreciate their religion. Some of the prohibited things are:

  • Gambling
  • Lying
  • Stealing
  • Cheating
  • Abusing others
  • Smuggling and selling other religious books

What should you expect when moving to Jeddah- the conclusion

Many people are asking themselves what to expect when moving to Jeddah. You can expect really hot weather and frequent floods. But, you can also expect great and rich culture and cuisine. Moreover, affordable livability and good living standards are other advantages of living here. Living in Jeddah comes with low unemployment, strict laws, and medium safety. All in all, Jeddah is a great place to move to. If the living conditions suit you, hiring local movers in Jeddah and relocating here should be your next move. Good luck! Welcome to Saudi Arabia!

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