What to know about insurance when moving overseas

Thinking about moving across the ocean? Making a life-changing decision, such as moving overseas, is unavoidably followed by a series of complex procedures. They range from choosing a moving company, emptying your current residence, figuring out how to transport your property, and etc. There are many dangers that may present themselves during all of these processes no matter how prepared you think you are. They include possible damage to your belongings, theft, or even loss of some of them en route to your new dwelling. As a result, you should consider ensuring your items before relocating to an overseas country. At Four Winds Saudi Arabia, we understand the risks and would like to share the key facts regarding insurance when moving overseas.

Before embarking on your international move, learn about insurance

Moving abroad can cause many inconveniences, whether it takes place in the air, on land, or at sea. As a precaution, we warmly recommend that you take a look at all the insurance options available for your international relocation.

A person consulting a company employee about insurance when moving overseas
Check with your insurance provider all the coverage options you may need to select before settling into a new country.

Types of insurance

International movers in Riyadh are highly trained to provide quality overseas moving services, however, certain issues may surface that are out of their hands. As a result, there are many aspects of your life that require insurance protection during the tedious process of moving into a new overseas country. Policies differ from country to country regarding health, personal property, real estate, international relocation, and so on. Some of the most vital coverage options that you should consider are as follows:

  • international shipping insurance
  • medical insurance when moving overseas
  • life insurance for those living overseas
  • auto transport insurance

Shipping insurance when moving overseas may be your first choice

Many people are plagued by worries about their belongings getting lost, damaged, or stolen. However, you can successfully avoid these dangers by getting shipping insurance before moving abroad. Possessions that are shipped by air or land have a slim chance of getting lost or wrecked. Moreover, the majority of cargo ships packed with people’s belongings reach land without difficulty. However, in the event that your belongings are damaged or disappear, it’s important to have shipping insurance. That way, you carry no responsibility and the insurance company takes action, accordingly. You can lessen the potential risks by hiring packaging companies in Saudi Arabia, whose expert movers will pack your goods safely.

A cargo ship at sea
If something ill happens to your uninsured goods, the responsibility for the financial loss will fall solely on you.

International medical insurance for expats

During the trip and while settling into your new home, you never know when you might need medical assistance. Thus, obtaining international health insurance when moving abroad might be a good idea. International medical insurance covers your health needs whether you are in your native country, traveling, or living in a country other than your native country. In addition, you can gain access to more hospitals abroad than you could with your local health coverage and hospital care. You can also get additional treatments that patients with more serious conditions receive.

Check the validity of your life insurance cover

Legal systems across different countries vary. Nevertheless, its purpose remains more or less the same in all of them. The life insurance provider guarantees to provide financial help to your loved ones in the event that you pass away. Generally speaking, your international move should not present a problem as to the legality of your life insurance. Depending on the country of your choice, some policies may invalidate your life insurance when relocating abroad.  Contacting your insurance company for legal advice should be on your to-do list if you’re planning an international move.

Why you need car insurance

If you own a car, you can and should get your hands on car insurance prior to your international relocation. Some moving companies fail to inform their clients of the importance of obtaining auto transport insurance. Other movers have their clients sign a sheet of paper exonerating the company of any liability for potential accidents. In order to avoid this, you need to cover your car. This means signing a contract with an insurance company. Although policies differ between countries, certain benefits of car insurance are universal. In addition, the insurance company assumes the responsibility for your financial loss in case of car damage, theft, or disappearance.

A white car in the driveway
Owning a car is considered a luxury, so it is highly advised that you insure this valuable item appropriately.

Avoid the dangers of under-insurance

Some people shy away from sufficiently covering their possessions or their health at the sight of the price they need to pay. Certain premium offers are expensive and you should distinguish between necessity and luxury. However, there is no reason not to invest in basic coverage options before moving abroad. What’s more, opting out may increase your concerns and keep you up at night. In the worst-case scenario, it may even affect your financial situation in case of a serious incident if you don’t have adequate coverage. Take your time to set apart the essentials and the nonessentials. For instance, examine your possessions and determine which items must remain in perfect condition no matter the cost. Those which are not as valuable and would not put you at financial risk whatever the case don’t require coverage. By doing so, you are making a practical decision and saving money.

As you can see, getting insurance when moving overseas would be a sensible decision. While relocating to an overseas country, you can come across several obstacles, some of which may pose serious threats. Nonetheless, don’t act hastily and give yourself enough time to assess all the available possibilities and sort out your priorities. It’s in your best interest to inform yourself of the many insurance coverage options. Exploring the relocation services Saudi Arabia has on offer is a secure way to acquire this information and receive help.

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