What to wear on moving day

It is so easy to forget what you will wear on a moving day. When the move starts, you only think of the boxes and when the trucks will come. However, it is a very important question. You will be forced to carry heavy boxes, pass so many times relation from the house to the truck, and stand the whole day. Things are much harder if you are living in a country with a hot climate. In that case, you should be wary of high temperature and dehydration. When it comes to the wardrobe that you wear on moving day, it could make you’re moving hard but also make it easier.

  • You should choose a comfortable wardrobe that allows you long walking, standing, and sweating;
  • During moving you should be able to change wardrobe if it is needed, so prepare to change wardrobe for it;
  • Although you have a lot of relocation services Saudi Arabia available, you still can harm yourself when moving, so consider using wardrobe that will protect you in some way;
  • High temperature is a big problem in Saudi Arabia, so make sure that you have protected yourself;
  • Obviously, it is much better to wear an old wardrobe that you usually wear when working heavy jobs – especially if you have planned to travel on short distances with one of the local movers Saudi Arabia;
  • However, if you are planning to travel longer or visit interesting places during it, you should consider wearing comfortable but also decent clothes.

You should consider all these arguments when moving. So, when starting with packing, make a plan of the days that you will spend in packing and moving. Then, make a plan of the wardrobe that you will wear on those days. Include changing clothes, too. It is best to pack it separately and put something in the emergency bag.

Dresses that are not good to wear on moving day
So many dresses but you still do not know what to wear on moving day

Basic rules about what to wear on moving day

Everybody knows that wardrobe that we wear when work heavy jobs should be comfortable. However, when moving is about, you have so many other questions in mind. You will not be alone on that day. Since there will be another person with you, which most of them are not your friends and family, you should wear a decent wardrobe. Also, do not forget that you need to protect the skin and parts of the body from harms.

Comfort must be in the first place

We cannot start with a listing of the possible wardrobe to wear on moving day without the importance of comfort when moving start. You cannot just wear a tracksuit. You should know which temperature will be on that day. Also, packaging companies in Saudi Arabia recommend having spare combination so you can change the wardrobe if it is needed.

Sneakers are great to wear on moving day

Shoes are very important

Moving companies in Yanbu have prepared a simple guide on how to organize the moving day. One of the important things is to be mobile when that day comes. It is obviously essential which shoes or sneakers you wear. Do not forget that you will be on the feet the whole day, walking and carrying the heavy boxes.

You should wear on moving day comfortable cloth

The moving process takes much longer than you may think. It is also very hard and complicated in some circumstances. You do not want to have pains in the feet or sweat the whole day. If you feel uncomfortable, you will not be able to be involved in moving properly.

Wear old cloth

It is something that you may presume for apparent reasons. You should know that during moving, you can rip a wardrobe or make stains. However, do not wear literally the oldest T-shirt that you have in the closet. You may make stops during moving so you should be tidy. The most important is to avoid synthetic materials since they are not comfortable and cause sweating.

Wear a season-appropriate wardrobe

If you know the climate in Saudi Arabia, you know that you should wear wardrobe in accordance with the temperatures there. Although it sounds logical, people sometimes do not understand how high temperatures effect on the body. It is especially worth for people who do not live currently in Saudi Arabia. Before moving check the temperatures and humidity first.

Safety first when choosing what to wear on moving day

It is evident that you cannot start moving if you have not protected yourself. Although there are workers in moving companies, there are so many things that could happen. Some of them you cannot predict. So, firstly take care of yourself, then about suitcases and your stuff.

Choose a comfortable wardrobe to wear on moving day

Shoes will protect your head, too

When considering of wardrobe on moving day, shoes are high on the list of the important items. You should wear shoes that will protect you from slipping, injuries and falls. Use shoes that have non-slipping sole. They should fixate the foot and protect it from falls. Also, use shoes that are made of natural materials. The last thing you need is smell from them after moving. Although you are in the country that has a high temperature, use fully enclosed shoes.

Use sun protection

Do not forget that you are in a country with high UV radiation. People forget that most of the day spend on the sun when moving start. You may end up with the sunburns or even worse.

Secured pocket protects your money and small items

Since you will pack so many things in boxes, you may forget on documents or money. When moving starts, it is hard to control where small items go. However, you should wear on moving day things that help you. So, if it is possible, use a wardrobe with a lot of pockets. The best is to find those with a lot of zips so you can secure them. Also, prepare a small bag for documents and take it with you whole the time.

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