What you need to know about customs in KSA

Whether you are importing, exporting, moving in or out of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it is a good thing to know everything about the customs. It is easy to get mixed up in all bureaucracy and make your task in order. Today will help you learn more about this process and what you need to get to have an easier move. With the help of the best moving companies in Jeddah, you will certainly have no trouble finding what you need to know about customs in KSA. Follow our article for more.

What you need to know about customs in KSA when importing

When you’re preparing for a standard importing procedure then you will have some work to do. In this case, you will have to get the following documents that will help you with your customs clearance. These documents are very important and you won’t be able to enter the country without them. So what you need to get is:

  • Commercial invoice – this needs to show the country of origin, brand and how many goods you are moving, what’s the name of the carrier, and the product description. This is an important document because it will help you with your Riyadh customs clearance.
  • The next important document you need to get is the certificate of origin. It should be authenticated by the local chamber of commerce. Don’t forget you need to translate it into Arabic as well.
  • There is always a bill of landing.
  • A steamship – that is a company’s certificate.
  • You will have to have insurance certificates.
  • A packing list is a must.
documentation as a part of know about customs in KSA guide
If you want to know about customs in KSA then get ready to do some research

These are the most important documents you need to have if you plan on importing some goods. Without them, you won’t be able to do anything. Much like with moving, you won’t be able to do much without professional help. And with the current situation in the world, it doesn’t hurt to know what are the customs updates for the year 2021. It will surely help you a lot when you’re preparing to move or import here.

Are you importing some specific items?

In this case, you need to know how to properly prepare and see if some of the items require special permits or if they are banned. That is why depending on the nature of the goods you’re importing you will have to get certain specific documents. Remember that labeling food products & foods that are sold here are very important and it is determined by the SASO. Importing these products would be impossible without the following documents:

  • Ingredients certificates from the food manufacturers
  • Consumer protection certificates
  • A price list
person signing
Make sure to have a detailed price list

These are the most important documents need to have if you’re planning on importing food. But there is also one thing you need to know, and that is that your food needs to be certified as Halal by the official health certificate. This is something required for all food, which means any kind of meat, livestock, needs products, fruits, and vegetables even human blood that is being imported here. This certificate is the most important documents you need to have to import goods without having any issues.

Have in mind the current situation the world

If you’re planning on importing food to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia then you need to know the new and the updated protocols regarding health safety. Not only that but you need to do this in time to avoid any negative impacts of the pandemic on the import. That way you can still manage your business without any heavy losses, while you’re focusing on everything important.

What you need to know when importing samples

This is something that’s is not that strict as the previous examples. If you’re importing samples for some sort of display or a show or exhibition, then they are exempt from the labeling laws and other relations. Have in mind there still a subject for inspection at the port of entry. What these samples need to have is a commercial invoice. This invoice should specify that the product is not meant for sale or he has any commercial while you. Once that is clear that you won’t have any problems with customs.

fabric samples
You will have different rules if you are importing samples

To talk about this problem and all the customs bureaucracy was take a lot of time. Not to mention pages and pages of content. This is why you should always think about visiting Saudi Arabia’s customs website where you can learn more about what you need to do and have before importing. Not only that but they will be able to find all the necessary documentation you will need for your upcoming task. Make sure to visit and in time.

This is what you need to know about customs in KSA. Hopefully, by now you know what you need to do to have easy access to Saudi Arabia. We would like to inform you that you can find a lot of useful information about this topic in our blog. There are hundreds of interesting articles you can read to properly prepare for your upcoming import, export, or relocation. Not only that but you can see what kind of services we offer to make your task easier. If you want you can give us a call and get to know more about this topic firsthand. We’re more than happy to help you with anything you need regarding your plans. If you believe we should talk more about a certain topic, feel free to leave us your feedback and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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