When Is the Best Time Of Year To Move A Business To KSA?

Running a business means always facing challenges of all sorts. And while the majority of them will end up skyrocketing, some of them can prove to be really tricky. One of them surely is knowing when is the best time of year to move a business to KSA. Time plays a huge role in every important process, let alone when you decide to move such a huge part of your life and career. Luckily, we will gladly guide you through the journey of exploring the weather conditions in this country, tourist seasons, and everything else that may affect your relocation! Here is everything you should know!

Is Saudi Arabia suitable for your business?

Before you inform your employees and partners about your relocation and rely on Four Winds KSA to help you move, you must do thorough research. It begins with checking how good will Saudi Arabia treat your business, and what exactly to expect once you get here. Well, as one of the countries that have a suitable location for business and trade, you can hardly go wrong with KSA as your option. The market is huge, and the economy has been stable and growing for many years now. Those who decide to move or start their business in KSA will have a lot of good things to expect.

The desert part of KSA.
Summers are extremely hot in Saudi Arabia, that’s why many people wonder when is the best time of year to move a business to KSA.

Considering that Saudi Arabia is covering multiple professions and fields, more and more young professionals decide to try their luck there. As a result, this country is full of young people who are eager to create and build successful careers. The absence of income tax in Saudi Arabia will also work to your benefit, and all you need to do is get to know the area and future clients better. The most popular sectors include:

  • The industrial sector
  • The chemical industry sector
  • Communication and information technology sector
  • Tourism and entertainment sector
  • Healthcare sector

What to consider when moving a business to KSA?

Of course, you will have to start exploring logistics companies in Middle East for starters, as you will need a trustworthy partner to help you out. Once you know you will have professional support for moving, the time will come for gathering information about when is the best time of year to move a business to KSA. The easiest and fastest method to get your answer is to take one step at a time. You will have to get to know this country in different ways, and even though that may sound like too much, the results will be nothing but success. From weather conditions all the way to culture in Saudi Arabia, let’s break them all down!

Weather in KSA all year round

Probably the first thing that will come to your mind when thinking about Saudi Arabia are long and hot summers. You are absolutely right as this country can become extremely hot during this season. On average, the temperatures range from 27°C to 43°C or 38°C in the coastal zone. Since not every country can say they share this with KSA, you shouldn’t ignore it. This is especially important for those who come from colder countries or areas. Prior to your relocation consider summer as a good time for moving your business to KSA, and don’t forget to include what your employees and clients suggest.

A waterfront in Jeddah.
The closer the place is to the Red Sea, the warmer winters will be there.

And with summers that hot, it is only natural to have cooler winters as well. Once the sun is down and people welcome November, the temperatures will go from 8°C to 20°C. Some areas, however, will be much warmer and you can experience daily temperatures up to 29°C in the middle of winter. This is characteristic of areas close to the Red Sea and those with the highest temperatures during the summer. The winter in KSA lasts from November until February and according to official weather reports, January is the coldest month. The good news is that harsh weather conditions rarely affect cargo shipping to Saudi Arabia which will be great for you.

When is the best time of year to move a business to KSA regarding tourist and business season?

And once you master the weather you can proceed to your next big step. Saudi Arabia is a huge country and very popular among tourists. In fact, it welcomes around 20.29 million tourists every year. These are not numbers to ignore, especially if your business is related to tourism. But if it’s not, you will need to get to know the popular dates for different reasons. Well, when it comes to tourists wanting to visit this country, it is a little bit tricky to provide the real answer. Officially, the summer season lasts from May until September as people love to experience those long and hot days. But the winter is equally popular, as it offers people to see the country without having to hide from the heat.

To avoid waiting too long for Saudi customs clearance, you should aim for spring or fall. There will not be as many people as usual and you will get to explore the place the way you want. This will also be a great opportunity for your employees to move as well, or to find new ones upon arriving. If you decide to schedule your move before the summer season you can use that to your benefit and come up with creative ways to advertise your services there. The same goes out for other months and seasons, and all that matters is that you have enough time on your hands.

Two people holding a piece of paper.
Thanks to being so popular among tourists, Saudi Arabia is welcoming a lot of young people looking for jobs.

Biggest holidays and events in Saudi Arabia

KSA has three national holidays that are extremely huge and celebrated throughout the country. When the time comes, shops and stores are full of people as all of them are getting ready for festive days. Knowing them on time will help you a lot, not only to know when is the best time of year to move a business to KSA but for the future as well. Here are more details about each one of them:

  • Saudi Arabia National Day: This holiday is celebrated on the 23rd of September. Residents are celebrating the unification of Najd and Hijaz as in 1932, the nations officially became the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. If you happen to be there in time for this holiday, you will love every single moment of it. People are dressed in the colors of the country, there is music everywhere and a lot of fireworks. You can taste delicious food and drinks on the street and at local bars as long as the holiday lasts.
  • Eid Al Fitr: The three-day holiday to break the fast for another year is the second biggest holiday in KSA. It is celebrated on the ninth month of the Hijri-the holy month of Ramadan. The holiday is usually celebrated with families getting together and sharing gifts. People make honey cakes and other specialties which are favorites among children.
  • Eid Al Adha: This holiday takes place on the 10th day of the final month of the Islamic calendar. This holiday is celebrated surrounded by family members as well, and on the table, there is almost always a nice lamb or beef dish. Keep in mind that during Eid Al Adha most of the shops in KSA are closed for three days. 

If your business relocation doesn’t take place during these holidays but you would like to be there, there is an easy solution. Prepare yourself for the trip while you trust freight forwarders in Riyadh with your inventory.

Three people at the meeting talking about when is the best time of year to move a business to KSA.
Consult your teammates, as it is good to hear their suggestions on this topic as well!

So, when is the best time of year to move a business to KSA?

Now that you have all the information you need, it is time to make the final decision. According to everything we mentioned above, it seems like the best time for moving your business to KSA is early spring or late fall. These seasons are the least crowded and you will have all the time in the world to prepare for both tourists and holidays. With efficient Bahrain customs clearance and professionals on your side, your relocation will be smooth. If you have enough time and space to organize your move, make sure to take all the things into consideration. Discuss future changes with your employees, partners, and clients, and make sure they know about your leaving on time. 

Choosing between the best Saudi Arabia cities for business will be easy considering you are the one who knows your company the best. The biggest ones in the country are Jeddah and Riyadh and with that, the most suitable for business. KSA is a world giant when it comes to financing, business, and tech, and your business can easily skyrocket. In both of these cities, you will find a lot of young people eager to launch their careers and ideas. If that is what you are looking for in your business, both Jeddah and Riyadh will be perfect. Just be smart about your decisions and always aim for success.

Tips for moving a business to KSA

Apart from knowing the best time to move your business, it is good you know some additional tips as well. By the time you get to Riyadh customs clearance, your entire company has to be ready for change. Carefully organize your paperwork and assign your team tasks within the office. Some of them can deal with current clients, while the rest of them should focus on preparing the new office space for your arrival. You will have a lot of work within your company so make sure movers are with you from the start. As soon as you don’t have the need to move items yourself, you can focus on other and more important matters. 

A person holding a newspaper titled "business".
The more information you manage to gather, the better the outcome will be for your company!

Another thing to think about is the documentation. Saudi Arabia has very strict laws especially when it comes to importing items. For an instance, you will not be able to import things like:

  • Brewing equipment
  • Pork and pork products
  • Used tires
  • Certain sculptures
  • Used clothing

If your business is related to these items in any way you will have to approach this matter in another way. And in case it doesn’t, you will have a safe method for transporting them. Temperature controlled shipping companies will take care of them from the moment this process begins. Having a safe place to store your items matters a lot. In case you wish to take a short break after relocation, or you have some renovation scheduled, there will be nothing to worry about. 

In conclusion

Moving or expanding business to Saudi Arabia surely is not a lot of work. All you need to do is surround yourself with professionals and make sure to follow each step correctly. Even if you have to make some last-minute decisions, try to choose a smart way for it. This relocation is the beginning of something new, and there is no need to experience losses or delays along the way. Your employees will be another support in this entire process, so hear out what they have to say. Maybe some of them already know the market in KSA or have any other information that can help you out. Professional freight forwarders in Bahrain will do their part of the work, and you will arrive in no time.

Two people shaking hands after talking about when is the best time of year to move a business to KSA.
As soon as you know when is the best time of year to move a business to KSA, you can schedule your relocation and inform your partners about it!

Knowing when is the best time of year to move a business to KSA will help your business reach the targeted audience much faster. But apart from that, you will get a better chance to get to know the people and the culture. In case you have to move during the winter or summer season, there is no need to panic. Just be careful and make sure everyone involved is safe. Upon arriving let Saudi Arabia open new business opportunities and enjoy everything that this amazing country has to offer!

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