ZATCA continues its efforts to implement the expansion of the “clearance within two hours” initiative

To achieve the “clearance within two hours” initiative, ZATCA has advised its customer service team not to create tickets for changing the status of the statement -from Pending Fees Collection to Inspection- for cases where the customs clearance clerk wishes to amend the transaction or request an amendment to the customs declaration after sending it to collection to take advantage of any of the following exemptions:

  • Exemptions “industrial, diplomatic, personal, charitable supplies, imported goods for people with special needs and materials for relief”.  (Agreement on the Facilitation and Development of Trade Exchange among the Arab Countries”.

The importer must pay the fees, clear the shipment, and then submit a refund request through online services.

A ticket can be created to process or modify the clearance statement, in the following cases:

  • Archiving the letter of exemption or adding any document detailing the difference between the items entered before submitting the customs declaration.
  • The applicant is a governmental or military entity.

Following the “Clearance within two hours” initiative specified by the noble royal order, ZATCA will expand the implementation of the “Clearance within two hours” initiative. In this regard, coordination with the respective authorities in their respective mandates and considering the competencies of each entity and the nature of its consignments.

The initiative focuses on the necessity for the concerned government agencies to send the response by clearing the goods, or not, requesting a manual inspection, submitting additional documents, or stating the need for time to study the application, or any other procedure within two hours from the time of receipt of the application by technical linkage, after the business has met all the requirements and submitted the consignment data electronically.

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