Zero-carbon shipping explained

Nowadays, the Earth is facing many challenges like global warming. Many Industries are affecting the climate, which has led to the climate crisis. Carbon emissions seem to be one of the leading causes of this climate change crisis. However, many industries are looking for ways to reduce carbon emissions and lessen the damage to the environment. And moving industry is not an exception. In fact, shipping companies are the leaders when it comes to finding a solution to reduce carbon emissions. The main aim is to find a solution for zero-carbon shipping. Although challenging, it’s not impossible. In this article, the Four Winds Saudi Arabia will explain the term carbon-neutral shipping and its great impact on the environment. We only have one Earth and we should take care of it. If not, we’ll suffer terrible consequences.

What is zero-carbon shipping

Zero carbon shipping or carbon neutral is the term that refers to producing a zero amount of carbon dioxide into the sea and air. Carbon dioxide is one of the main reasons for climate change. So, to avoid them, moving companies are trying to protect the environment by introducing zero-carbon shipping. This means they are trying to lessen the amount of carbon dioxide emissions. Of course, zero-carbon shipping cannot happen overnight. There are a lot of strategies and plans to be made to find the perfect solution for lessening carbon dioxide emissions. Another way to lessen the carbon emission is to reduce the crowd at customs.

A zzero-carbon shipping boat in the port
The moving and shipping industry is trying to reduce carbon emissions

To achieve this, you must know what documentation you need to prepare to pass the customs. That’s why you need to hire a reliable and professional shipping company that will handle all the paperwork. So, if you need to pass the customs, use our Riyadh customs clearance service. Four Winds KSA will take care of it without much ado and delay.

The difference between Carbon neutral and zero-carbon shipping

Although interchangeable, zero-carbon shipping differs from carbon-neutral shipping. How? When we say carbon-neutral, it means that there are carbon emissions into the atmosphere. Carbon-neutral represents the balance between emitting and absorbing carbon emissions. And, shipping companies are taking care of reducing the amount they produce. On the other hand, zero-carbon shipping means there’s no carbon released into the atmosphere.

It is possible to have zero-carbon shipping emissions?

The first question that imposes when it comes to zero carbon emissions is that is it really possible to have zero carbon shipping emissions? Well, it’s quite debatable. Many people think that companies that claim to use zero carbon emissions are trying to do greenwashing. However, not all companies do that. There are many companies that care about the environment and trying to find a solution. So, with a good approach, our environment can become carbon neutral.

What are the solutions for no-carbon shipping?

There are many different ways to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and accomplish carbon-neutral shipping. One of the ways is to start from the supply chain. It has a great impact on the environment, especially during the Ccoronavirus pandemic. People started buying online, so shipping companies have started to use more packing materials than ever. Here are different ways shipping companies can save the environment during the process of packing and shipping to Saudi Arabia:

  • Use recycled and recyclable packing materials
  • Use eco-friendly packaging such as papers cardboard bioplastics biodegradable plastics plant fibers corrugated bubble wrap etc
  • They should minimize the amount of packaging
  • Shipping companies should use cardboard packaging and avoid using plastic whenever possible
  • They should replace Plastic with recycled kraft paper or corrugated boxes
  • Corrugated bubble wraps can replace plastic bubble wrap
A boat emiting carbon
The best way to save the environment is to start zero-carbon shipping

Zero-emission fuels are the key to zero carbon emission

Zero-carbon emissions are a core to reducing gases and managing to save our planet from warming. Moving Industries have been working hard to find alternatives to fuels and to completely shift away from carbon sources of energy. According to experts, they have analyzed the main categories of zero-carbon fuel options. Those are:

  • Biofuels: its name already promises a good start for zero-carbon shipping. Biofuels include biomethane, bioethanol. They are produced from raw materials and feedstock derived from plants. Also, biofuels are used from Agricultural waste. They emit CO2, but also retrieve it from the atmosphere. Thus, since biofuels are recyclable, they are usually considered to be net-zero fuels.
  • Synthetic fuels based on carbon – are synthetic methanol and methane.
  • Green and blue hydrogen: produced from water using renewable electricity. On the other hand, blue hydrogen is made from natural gas. Both types can replace fuel. Sometimes, they can be further processed into ammonia.

The future of shipping

Now that you know what zero-carbon shipping is, can you imagine the future of the shipping industry? A few years ago the carbon-neutral, and zero-carbon environment was like a dream. But, nowadays, it can come true. Wonder how? Well, it’s very likely to happen with a strong supply chain network. Many companies from different industries are making sustainable supply chains through their partnership. This way, they connect with companies of the same environmental interests. They join forces in fighting for a green environment. However, don’t forget that you have a great impact on the environment as well. When you choose shipping companies that care about the environment, you support them in their aim for environmental improvement. Congratulations.

Areal photo of a shipping container
You are protecting the environment by choosing a shipping company that fights for zero-carbon emission

Take care of the environment by using our relocation and logistics services

If you need shipping service, choose a company that supports zero-carbon shipping. Also, choose a company that offers not only relocation services but also logistics and cold-chain services. Four Winds, Saudi Arabia, is one of them. If you need temperature controlled shipping companies, contact us today and get a free estimate. Our cold-chain services include everything necessary to keep your items safe and secure. You can be sure that we will provide you with the best possible logistics service.

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