10 freight shipping facts

Numerous freight shipping facts show which type of shipping is most popular. People believe that even 90% of the stuff that countries ship comes from the sea. On the other hand, sea shipping has a long history of transportation, so we cannot skip it. However, air freight has advantages, so it becomes even more popular in the past few years. Clients and logistics companies in Bahrain determine conditions that the shipping method must fulfill to become their most popular method.

  • It has to be cheap – in most cases, it depends on the shipping method, vehicle, and organization;
  • For most clients in the first place is simplicity – they do not want to lose the whole day on shipping if they can choose something more practical;
  • One of the critical freight shipping facts is that they have to separate from commercial traffic;
  • They must organize customs clearance for freight shipping much better than for another transporting;
  • There are different types of vehicles that people use for navigation; size determines the kind of transportation they use.

Finally, a freight shipping organization is highly crucial for small as well for large companies. In some cases, they can directly change the time of shipping, price, and even troubles and falls. When we talk about the types of transportation, the most attractive for customers is still sea shipping.

There are a lot of shipping companies in the world

Common freight shipping facts that most people do not know

Although we imagine how vast and essential freight is, we are usually not aware of the importance of freight shipping in our lives. We understand that everything we use in life manufacturers has to bring to us. However, we do not realize that the whole industry stands behind it. Some incredible numbers and facts will surprise you.

There are a lot of types that the freight shipping industry has

The list of the freight shipping types is very long. The only sea shipping industry has six kinds of shipping. There is general cargo, bulk careers, fishing vessels, container ships, passengers’ ships, and tankers. Although international movers Jeddah does not use sea shipping as the only method in their business, it takes the most significant part of it. The most massive float has Greek – even 16% of the world sea shipping business is theirs.

The safest transport is sea shipping

Again, sea shipping is the most reliable, and that is why it is the most attractive and popular among companies. Even air freight to Saudi Arabia, presumed as most practical and faster still cannot beat ship in shipping.

Speed is not the only important when freight shipping is about

Although business nowadays depends on time and deadlines, in freight shipping things are not that simple. In some cases, transport methods are slower wins in a market race. For example, sea shipping is very slow, in spite of the power that it uses. The average speed of the ship is 26.5 miles per hour. However, the boat demands a lot of energy, fuel, and lengthy preparation. However, it is still the most popular type of shipping.

A ship
Sea shipping is the largest type of shipping

Freight shipping presumes long distance that vehicles pass

For some experts, vehicles that transport goods pass several tens of thousands of miles daily. They go to the Moon and back a couple of times every day. There is a whole business that stands behind those miles.

The money belongs to the list of exciting freight shipping facts

Every industry depends on the money that is involved in it. When freight shipping is about, we can say that it includes a large amount of money. It is also important to say that the most significant amount of money belongs to sea freight companies. Not only that they control the highest percent of shipping goods in the world, but also include the most trustworthy and fastest type of shipping.

Freight shipping is a very profitable business

No matter which of that business you choose to observe, it includes a lot of money and goods. They believe that only sea shipping takes 7.7 billion tons of cargo annually. Including workers that control, pack, or drive vehicles, it feeds thousands of families all over the world.

There are more and less affordable types of shipping

In some cases, you will choose the more affordable kind of transportation and save a lot of money. It includes sea shipping that people use for literally every type of goods. There is a story about shipping tuna from New Zealand to Thailand for preparation and transportation back to New Zealand for packing. That affordable it is.

There are countries in the world that run the game

Although every country in the world can involve in freight shipping, one of the freight shipping facts is that only a few of them take the whole cake. It does not include the US, or Canada as we could think at first place. The countries that have the highest freight shipping are Greece, Japan, and Germany, according to the International Chamber of Shipping. The largest company that organize freight shipping is in Denmark.

A ship
There are only a few countries that cover almost all shipping industry

The crew in freight shipping is specific and represents one of the most exciting freight shipping facts

Freight shipping belongs to the workers that companies hire. Not only that they must be highly skilled for these types of jobs, but also dedicated to the situation and healthy. In some cases, like sea shipping, companies do not hire women. It is not discrimination, but the most straightforward description of how much this job is hard.

They are not communicative that much

It is not valid, but it is also unfortunate. There are types of shipping where workers have no communication with other people. They cannot connect with other people in most cases during shipping. If we neglect road traffic where they have to contact bosses and other drivers from time to time, in sea shipping workers do not have a connection when work. Less than 10% have the internet on the open sea.

People that work in freight shipping counts in millions

Over 1.5 million people work in the sea shipping business. The typical worker is male Filipino and, as International Maritime Organization says, 1/3 of all crews are from this country.

Speaking about men

It is a male-dominated industry. Less than 2% of women work here. This percent is smaller in some types of shipping, like in sea shipping. One of the freight shipping facts is that this is raw and hard work.

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