Air Freight to Saudi Arabia – how to?

When you think about cargo forwarding to Saudi Arabia, you probably start visualizing massive ships carrying thousands of containers across the ocean. But in many cases, air freight to Saudi Arabia is more common. Usually, it is done right next to you – on the airplane seat. Air freight services in Saudi Arabia are well developed and an essential part of doing business. Moreover, people opt to choose ships and trucks instead of planes, because they think it is less expensive. But, they are wrong. When you choose the right air freight forwarder, you will end up paying less for shipping faster. If you are wondering how this is possible and why your next shipment might just be airborne, keep on reading.

What is a freight forwarder?

Before deciding which kind of freight forwarder you want, make sure to check a nationwide cargo forwarding checklist. A freight forwarder can be an individual or a company that organizes and plans your shipment, as well as getting cargo from point A to point B, that is from a point of origin to a destination point. Simple as that!

air freight to Saudi Arabia
If you are planning to move your business or personal belongings to Saudi Arabia, it is a good idea to ship your belongings by plane. Air Freight to Saudi Arabia is often the cheapest and fastest.

Freight forwarders do not physically move your cargo, but they do simplify the process by communicating with all the people and moving parts that are involved. When people mention air freights to Saudi Arabia or any kind of cargo shipping, everybody starts to stress out. But, there is no need for that. Luckily, freight forwarders, are extremely knowledgeable experts in all the elements of the supply chain. They can help you with packing and warehouse stages, as well as transporting the goods. There are four ways you can ship your cargo:

  • Air freight
  • Ocean Freight
  • Road Freight
  • Railway Freight

What is an air freight forwarder?

an air plane
Many air freight companies provide additional services for some extra money. See what is necessary for you and your company to have a hassle-free shipment.

An air freight forwarder is again, either an individual or a company that specializes in moving freight by air on either passenger aircraft or specially designed cargo aircraft. This specialization enables them to better understand all the details included in the air freight forwarding and providing better rates. The process of importing and exporting goods and belongings can be less stressful when using an air freight forwarder. They act as organizers in the following processes:

  • Export and import handling
  • Customs clearing
  • Air transport and delivery

However, besides these basic processes, most air freight forwarding companies provide additional services. They range from organizing transport orders to organizing airline slot-times and necessary documents. They have many connections for ensuring that your cargo arrives at its destination on time. And they maintain a network of commercial and operational agreements. You can also track your shipment online or by constant contact with your forwarder.

Why do you need air freight to Saudi Arabia?

If you are wondering why air freight to Saudi Arabia is better than any other way of shipment, you are in the right place. First things first, international air cargo is heavily regulated. Because of that many opt for a freight forwarder who works exclusively with air shipments. So, chose your air freight to Saudi Arabia wisely. You will need someone with lots of experience. An air forwarder can help you navigate through all key freight documents, insurance, customs, and any troubles you encounter along the way. Also, their job is to ensure that your goods are packed to fit the non-traditional shape of an aircraft.

What can you ship?

When thinking about air freight to Saudi Arabia, you have to do research and see which forwarding company suits your needs the most. Some focus on specific items, while some accept a variety of goods. Our advice is to go as specific as possible. Finding a freight forwarding company that specializes in what you are planning to ship is beneficial. Not only will they have a team of specialists, but they will also have enormous experience in dealing with cargo similar to yours or the same as yours. Make sure that you check cargo security tips and lists. Basically, you can ship anything. Whether personal or business stuff. However, there are some restrictions. You can not ship the following:

  • Sharp Objects
  • Perishable Items
  • Toxic Items
  • Flammable Liquids
  • Batteries
  • Drugs
  • Alcohol

Benefits of air freight to Saudi Arabia

There are many ways in which air freight to Saudi Arabia can be very beneficial for you. It’s there to establish an easier movement of goods, and in turn, a better business environment. It’s an essential part of international trade. Being able to ship air cargo from USA to Saudi Arabia means that you can be effective internationally. And be able to do business in different markets. With minimal delays.

Airfreight is the faster transportation method

There are instances where speed is essential. And in that regard, there’s no alternative to air freight. It doesn’t matter if you want to move quickly in Saudi Arabia or if you run a company that needs to ship air cargo from USA to Saudi Arabia. You can count on your items being delivered in a matter of hours.  When you compare that to other means of transport like sea, road or rail, it’s much faster. Airplanes cruise at approximately 900 kilometers per hour. And that allows for quick and reliable intercontinental transportation.

A reliable and predictable timetable

Another great benefit of air freight to Saudi Arabia is reliability. If getting your goods on time is a high priority for you, then nothing beats the air. Airlines have a highly dependable schedule. And even if something was to go wrong, you’ll have a precise time of when the shipment will arrive. Compared to ocean freight to Saudi Arabia, which can be impacted by many factors out of your control, it’s both faster, more reliable, and way more predictable.

air freight to saudi arabia can reach more areas
Airfreight is better for reaching remote locations

Reach remote destinations

Shipping goods by other means requires a complex infrastructure. Yes, air freight does require an airport. But that’s it. If you are shipping something a remote location, then you need to take into consideration many other factors. Is there a good road network? Does that location have railroad infrastructure? And how far away is it from major ports? With Air Freight, one airport will serve the purpose of all that infrastructure.

Air freight to Saudi Arabia is secure

Sometimes you need to ship sensitive or very valuable items. And in those cases, security is the most important factor. And that’s another area when air freight is the best option. You should still try and avoid air freight shipping mistakes. But, those shipments undergo minimal handling. And are delivered faster and with fewer people involved. All of that reduces the risk of both theft and damage.

Is an air forwarder cheaper than an ocean forwarder?

Plane - air freight
Air freight forwarding actually requires less paperwork as well. Another reason to chose it before any other way of freight forwarding.

We all know that air shipments are faster and generally more reliable than ocean shipments. So, we may conclude that that air shipments are far more expensive, right? Not really! Air shipments can be cheaper believe it or not. It is because the prices are calculated differently. The cost of cargo forwarding on a ship is calculated by its volume. And the cost of cargo forwarding is calculated by its weight. And, what is more, ocean shipments usually have minimum weights and measurements that must be met.

To conclude, if you have large and heavy shipments it is cheaper to send them by ocean forwarding. On the other hand, if you have smaller and lighter shipments, it is cheaper to send them by air forwarding. Basically, air VS sea freight transport depends on you! And your specific needs. But, cheap air cargo to Saudi Arabia is the best solution when you need something transported quickly.

Air freight to Saudi Arabia can reduce additional costs related to shipping

Shipping goods by air can be a cheaper solution than sea freight to Saudi Arabia. But, when you count in many other areas where you will be saving money. It becomes even cheaper. Let’s take air cargo from USA to Saudi Arabia for example. If you were to ship it by sea, you have to think about local storage, longer transit times, and higher insurance premiums. But when it comes to air freight to Saudi Arabia, you can greatly lower your shipping costs. Starting with warehousing costs. The customs clearance process is much faster with air freight. And the final leg of delivery is shorter and faster. All of that makes air freight a cheaper and better option.

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